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AesthetiCare Med Spa offers a way for you to look fabulous 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with microblading and permanent makeup.

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How would you like the freedom from the everyday hassle of applying your makeup? What would it feel like to awaken every day feeling refreshed and ready to go? Wouldn’t you also enjoy saving money on makeup products? Applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day can be a hassle. Wouldn’t you like the convenience that permanent makeup offers plus feel beautiful every day with minimal to no effort?

There are many benefits of getting permanent makeup. Wearing makeup can give you an added sense of confidence, whether it’s a dab of lip color, a touch of mascara, a bit of eyeliner, or defined brows.

You can achieve the look you want at AesthetiCare Med Spa, the experts in skin and body rejuvenation boasting a staff with more than 250 years of combined experience, along with 37 FDA-approved, state-of-the-art treatment options, which is more than any medical spa in the Midwestern region. Its staff of seventeen licensed aestheticians and registered nurses receive comprehensive training and continuing education each year. With myriad skin and body services for nearly every age, there is something for everyone at this top-rated med spa, which also includes microblading and permanent makeup services.

A girl is not complete without her eyebrows.  (“I really miss drawing in my eyebrows,” said no one ever.)

Christina Frazier, licensed permanent makeup artist at AesthetiCare, specializes in powder brows, microblading, hybrid blading and shading techniques, and gentle lip pigmentation and natural eyeliner. She answered our top questions about microblading and permanent makeup and what you can expect with each process.

What is microblading and who is a good candidate for that procedure?

Microblading is a technique for creating hairlike hairstrokes for the eyebrows using a micro-sized mini-hand tool to implant ink into the skin. Microblading heals well on a select few people with near-perfect skin. Hairlike strokes can be achieved with a machine tool, and this advanced technique tends to cause less trauma, lasts longer, and works well on the vast majority of skin types. Microblading or hairlike strokes do not work well on oily skin, people taking certain medications, and on individuals who do not protect their skin from the sun or who have large pores or low skin elasticity.

What is permanent makeup and why would someone consider getting it?

Permanent Makeup (sometimes called Microblading) is a specialized form of tattooing that uses special techniques, tools and inks designed specifically for the face. When performed by advanced, well-educated practitioners, the result replicates a natural-looking soft daytime makeup look or a naturalistic no-makeup look, depending on the client’s preference.

Is there any maintenance involved subsequent to getting this treatment?

Modern Permanent makeup done correctly requires color refresh treatments every so many years because the color is implanted higher in the dermis than body tattoos. This allows for a more natural healed look that ages better and more naturally over time.

What are the benefits of permanent makeup and who is a good candidate?

Permanent makeup can enhance your natural beauty and make mornings and life in general less stressful and easier. Often permanent makeup can fix missing natural hair in the brows, correct asymmetry, camouflage scars, and stretch marks, make lashes look bolder and fuller, add color to the lip line and/or lips in general and even soften and lighten hyperpigmented natural lips on darker skin.

Almost everyone is a good candidate for permanent makeup. Some techniques work better on certain skin types. Some health conditions and skin types must be matched with the proper ink and technique to ensure the best results.

Healthy Kansas City Magazine’s Publisher, Britt Miller, shares her permanent makeup experience.

Britt Miller, Publisher

“Like everyone else, I am aging and was beginning to see things I didn’t like on my face. At first, I considered Botox, but then I decided to pursue other options,” Miller explained. “I would always get so frustrated with my eyebrows. They were not shaped the way I wanted them, and I was tired of always drawing them in.”

Miller consulted with Frazier and told her what she wanted, and in the process also decided to add permanent makeup to her lips. The passing of time had caused Miller’s lips to fade, and she also wanted them to look fuller without resorting to fillers at this time. As such she chose an all-over lip color and a liner that gives her lips a fuller and younger appearance.

“I sent photos of my lips and brows to Christina with and without makeup on them to give her an idea of the shape and color I like,” said Miller. “She got right back to me and said I was an ideal candidate for microblading.”

After her initial consultation, Miller underwent her first appointment, followed by a second one a few weeks later, which is referred to as the Perfection Session which is actually included in the price.

“Everyone is different in how they will respond to facial ink, so the follow-up appointment is critical to ensuring your best look,” expressed Miller, who says she enjoys awakening every day feeling ready to go and confident. Plus, she gets a lot of compliments on her look.

“My brows and lips look great, and I am so pleased with how they turned out,” she smiled. “It has been such a great experience. The whole team at AesthetiCare is so talented, accommodating, and welcoming. They have so many other incredible services too. I highly recommend AesthetiCare Med Spa to anyone who wants to feel and look rejuvenated and refreshed.”

The treatments at AesthetiCare can reverse the signs of aging, remove sun damage, wrinkles, red spots and improve the tone and texture of the skin so you can wakeup each morning ready to rock! We start each new client relationship with a 1-hour complimentary skin analysis.


Matt Taranto, Owner

The AesthetiCare Med Spa approach – a conversation with owner Matt Taranto

The consultation process at AesthetiCare Med Spa is very unique and specifically tailored for each client.

“We look at this as a class, and we’re teachers,” emphasized owner Matt Taranto. “We are very thorough in our approach to non-surgical aesthetics.”

Using a nine-step consultation program meticulously developed over a period of 21 years, clients will feel 100% confident in the decisions they make regarding the services they choose at AesthetiCare Med Spa.

“Everyone is unique and will obtain different results. Some may require one treatment. While others may need two or more. How a client’s skin responds to the treatments determines how many sessions they will require. This allows for a long-term relationship with AesthetiCare as an anti-aging partner,” noted Taranto.

One highly integral tool used by AesthetiCare Med Spa is the VISIA® Skin Analysis System, which is used to measure both surface and sub-surface skin conditions. UV photography provides for a quantitative analysis and assessment.

“This is the most thorough skin analysis device available in the world and the most detailed system available,” explained Taranto “It uses 3-D topography of the skin and takes photographs from three angles. With its comprehensive database, it compares your skin relative to others in the same age range and gender within that database.”

In short, this advanced skin care system provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of your skin and individual facial characteristics. It then provides an avenue by which you can determine the best skin care programs for your specific complexion.

When it comes to skin care and body care, AesthetiCare cares.

For more information on AesthetiCare Med Spa and all of their services, visit them online at or call 913.338.5476. Consultations are free. AesthetiCare Med Spa has two locations, one in Leawood, Kansas, and one in Liberty, Missouri.

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