AesthetiCare Medspa Ranked in the Top 10 in the US


Feeling comfortable in your own skin and body is the essence of true beauty.

When Matt Taranto opened AesthetiCare Medspa 20 years ago, he, in hindsight, stood as a pioneer in the medical spa industry. As an independent distributor of lasers and other aesthetic devices in the years prior, Taranto successfully polished his skills and became a trainer to others in the industry. It was a natural transition for him to establish his own non-surgical medical aesthetics spa.

“I already had the equipment, so I decided it was a great opportunity to team up with a great doctor and open this exciting business,” reflected Taranto. He opened his first location in 2001 in a 1,000 square foot space in Shawnee, Kansas, with only one nurse and one aesthetician. He then transitioned to a space at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. AesthetiCare now has 40 employees in 12,000 square feet in Leawood, KS. Additionally, AesthetiCare opened another Kansas City medspa location in Liberty, Missouri in September, 2020. Despite the tumultuous world events of the past couple of years, AesthetiCare Medspa has been thriving on all levels. Taranto has his own ideas as to what has inspired such appreciable growth.

“Our business, to my surprise, just exploded during Covid,” he noted. “As people were spending less money on travel and entertainment, they had options to spend it elsewhere. As well, many people have spent hours on Zoom calls during this work-at-home time, staring at their face and realizing they want to do something to enhance their appearance as a result.”

Only The Best

Some in the midwest may feel cities such as New York, Miami, LA, etc have access to better technology and aesthetic treatments, yet AesthetiCare will tell you this is not true. AesthetiCare is committed to offering the most advanced and effective aesthetic treatments and products in the industry right here in KC.

“The average medspa in the US owns four to five aesthetics   devices,” explained Taranto. “We own 38 of them, offering our clients the latest and most advanced technologies available. This allows us to focus on providing the most effective services for issues such as wrinkles, sun-damage, unwanted fat, laser hair removal, and much more.


“We are very honored to have been recently named one of the nation’s Top 10 Med Spas by the American Medical Spa Association.”

We Practice What We Preach

Taranto’s wife, Kathy, who has 20 years of experience in the industry, runs AesthetiCare’s sister company, Mint Aesthetics. Mint is a full-service consulting and training business which has worked with over 1,600 clinics in the US and worldwide. Kathy is recognized as a leader in the aesthetic industry and one of the country’s premier trainers in lasers and other aesthetic devices. Matt and Kathy have presented at hundreds of aesthetic MedSpa marketing conferences over the past 12 years sharing their experience with their peers.

A Comprehensive List of Services for All Ages and Skin Types

AesthetiCare Medspa boasts a myriad of services and treatments.  The center is the #1 provider of injectables such as Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers in all of Kansas City. They are also #1 in Kansas City CoolSculpting, an FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment for fat reduction and body sculpting. Two very popular treatments for aging skin are Forever Young BroadBand Light (BBL) and Halo. The experts at AesthetiCare Medspa have performed more FYBBL and Halo treatments than any clinic in the world. It is no wonder this medical spa is regarded as one of the country’s premier authorities in the non-surgical aesthetics arena, treating patients of all ages and of all skin types and colors.

“Most clients simply want to look younger, but it is also important that we promote a natural look,” explained Taranto. “For example, we like to say that the best injectable is the least detectable. The goal is to look rested and more youthful, not dramatically different.”

Additionally, Aestheticare Medspa carries a full line of medical grade skin care products, which have higher levels of active ingredients for the skin.

The Initial Consultation

The initial visit to AesthetiCare Medspa is quite unique. This free, one-hour consultation is more like a class in aesthetics, focused on truly teaching, not selling. They utilize the Visia Skin Analysis System, the most advanced technology to analyze skin available. It provides images and analysis that will show the current skin condition and also help guide us to what will be the most effective treatments.

A Staff Always on Full Throttle

“The success of AesthetiCare has occurred for one main reason:  our staff!”

“I started this business with two employees and now we have 40,” he emphasized. “We hire extraordinary and fun people. We never dread going to work. We create an atmosphere our clients love coming to.”

Taranto believes in running his business much like renowned entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson does: by training his staff so well they can get any job they want but treat them so well that they never leave.

“The first nurse I hired 20 years ago is still here,” noted Taranto. “Nordstrom has a motto “hire the smile; train the skill.’  When we hire someone, we look for intangibles you cannot teach such as a strong work ethic, kindness, great energy, and a true desire to be the best.”

Matt and Kathy have trained their staff exceptionally well. The providers at AesthetiCare have a combined experience of 220+ years! AesthetiCare also invests up to $80,000 annually for advanced technique training for his staff so they are always on the cutting edge of new protocols and technology.

AesthetiCare is one of the only med spas in the country with a world-class advisory board that includes one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons, a board certified dermatologist, and a board certified anti-aging / wellness physician. “We want to be as thorough and safe as possible, so we have assembled a team that are true experts in this field.”

“We are proud of where we are, but we always want to get better,” he emphasized. The experience and level of training, coupled with the technology and access to top physicians in the country, AesthetiCare Medspa clearly stands ahead of the pack in this industry.

“At the end of the day, we simply love what we do. People in KC have many choices in aesthetic practices and we realize we must go above and beyond to earn their business. Our goal is to create lifetime clients, and to do that we must treat people incredibly well.”


As to the future, AesthetiCare has big plans. In Liberty they will be doubling their space this year and adding more staff. AesthetiCare also just purchased a 36,000 sq foot building on Ward Parkway and in early 2023 will be opening a much larger location as well as AesthetiCare Wellness, a new business focused on offering the latest treatments to enhance health and wellness for their clients.

“We look forward to serving Kansas City with the most advanced and effective treatments for many years to come.”

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