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It has been said that knowledge is power. However, knowledge is only power when put to use. Knowledge also instills confidence. Knowledge is an integral tool in the real estate agent’s pocket. A real estate agent of superior quality who really knows the industry adds value to the equation that simply cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

“Doing more from sale to sold” is the business philosophy by which award-winning Realtor Sharon G. Aubuchon of RE/MAX Premier Realty lives. As a real estate agent specializing in the luxury market, but also at all other price points, Aubuchon already has an important place within the Kansas City community. She doesn’t just help buyers and sellers in the metro area achieve success in each transaction; she also goes beyond the transaction to make invaluable connections within the community, one client at a time.

Born with a passionate heart of service, Sharon is a champion of not only elevating her clients but also supporting others within her industry. Being successful in this industry begins with preparation. Sharon represents the epitome of preparation when it comes to the journey of each individual transaction. Her success speaks to that preparation. Now, as she reflects on her career path, she feels a personal calling to share her wisdom, insight, experience, and knowledge with others who are equally inspired to achieve success while also focusing on creating the best experience for each individual client.

Knowledge sells homes.

Having spent 20 years in the corporate arena, Sharon honed her fast-tracking skills in building and hiring teams, breaking the glass ceiling and sky-rocketing to impressive levels of achievement. When she entered the real estate industry, she quickly transferred her remarkable executive-level skill sets to become a multi-million dollar producer working with buyers and sellers across the metro area. Sharon’s ambitions have not gone unnoticed and she has routinely been on the receiving end of countless awards, including Best of Kansas City, Top Realtor in Kansas City, and has been the focus of numerous feature stories in several magazines.

Sharon’s idea to capture her knowledge and insight and translate that to others has taken an exciting turn. She is, in a sense, creating a legacy for others to embrace so they, too, can enjoy an equally fulfilling career within the real estate arena.

Using her skills and experience to teach people what they need to know.

A couple of years ago, a husband and wife with whom Sharon had worked in the home staging arm of her business were encouraged by Sharon to obtain their real estate licenses. Sharon essentially trained them and armed them with the necessary tools and knowledge they needed to get into the industry with confidence and vigor.

Sharon focused her efforts on how training was accomplished in her corporate career and applied those ideas to the real estate platform.

“Even though I spent two decades in the corporate world in higher-level positions such as General Manager and Vice President of Sales in technology businesses wherein all sales reps completed a rigorous six-month training program, when I got into real estate I realized I didn’t know what I was doing,” emphasized Sharon. “I think it is important to teach agents all about their jobs – every facet – from A to Z. I think that piece is missing in our industry. There are so many things a new agent needs to know and it is not fair to them to have them get their license and then have them blindly figure it all out. New agents have to get their feet on the street and do things like job shadow, watch a top agent, and sit in on open houses.”

Sharon is eager to align with others who want to learn from the corporate skills that brought her to the level of success she has achieved in real estate today.

“I want to help people acquire the skill sets they need to be independently successful in this business so they can give clients a concierge-level, world class experience,” noted Sharon, referencing her goal to create a group of like-minded agents who embrace her vision. “And it’s not just about the partnerships with buyers and sellers, but also with other service providers in this business, such as loan officers, inspectors, title companies and anyone who I’m involved with from listing to closing. I even teach about creating relationships with other agents working on offers, as when we work together, both of our clients benefit.”

Quality training at the helm.

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer, Sharon is in an esteemed position to let others not only glean information from her experiences but also to learn from her own mistakes.

“How do you stand out in this business?” contemplated Sharon. “Knowledge is power. If you have information and understanding that helps a client, they will want to work with you. This is how you set yourself apart from others.”

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