Enhancement is an Art Form at KC Injectables Med Spa

Story by Lynne Hayes

We all deserve to look and feel our best, and these days, one of the most popular ways to achieve that goal is at a med spa. But, with so many options, finding the right med spa, one you can trust to be discerning and elegant in their approach, can be overwhelming.
Clients of Brookelyn Fry will tell you that KC Injectables, in Lee’s Summit is such a place. Fry, and her associate, Sonya Fronsoe, have gained a loyal following of women and men, all of whom consider them experts in the art of subtle, aesthetically pleasing transformation.
“Enhancing and rejuvenating the natural features of our beautiful clients is what we’re known for,” said Fry, owner, and certified injector. “We want them to leave here looking like themselves, yet…better. I regularly see clients standing a little taller and smiling a little bigger when they leave. That’s what inspires me; I love empowering them to shine as bright as they can.”
Fry, a former ICU register nurse, was still caring for critically ill patients in a local health system when she began to contemplate the idea of opening a med spa.
“I wanted to offer one of the area’s best,” she recalled, “so I went to LA for the best training and to earn my certifications. I found a mentor and worked under her for experience before I took off on my own.”
In 2021, Fry opened her first location in Brookside, but quickly outgrew the space as her clientele increased.
“In 2022, I decided to open a larger location in Lee’s Summit,” Fry said. “My name was familiar there because of my work at a local med spa; plus, clients knew me from the nearby hospitals where I’d worked in ICU.”
That same year, KC Injectables was voted #1 Day Spa in Kansas City by Expertise.com, a California-based company that finds and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S.

A Calm, Welcoming, Personalized Experience
Stepping through the front door of KC Injectables, clients are transported to a place of serenity; greeted by a décor of calming fresh whites, soothing beiges, pops of gold, and greenery. Then they’re warmly welcomed by KC Injectables’ assistant manager, Dani, who compassionately guides clients through a seamless intake process.
KC Injectables’ range of services encompasses transformative treatments that are tailored to each client’s needs and desires. The menu of services, which Fry promises to “keep expanding” includes a variety of FDA approved fillers, Botox, weight loss injections, medical grade skincare products, PRF scalp injections for hair regrowth, and IV therapies, as well as non-surgical lifts for the neck, jawline, and even the buttocks.

“We see our services as more than treatments or procedures. What we do is an art form,” Fry shared. “We work alongside the client to achieve their personal beauty goals. It’s a holistic approach that may not only include enhancement and rejuvenation, but also guidance on diet, nutrition…whatever it takes for our clients to achieve their goals, inside and out.”
In addition to Fronsoe, a nurse practitioner trained in medical enhancement, KC Injectables employs two medical directors at each location who are always available for phone consults or in-office appointments, and who can assess clients for conditions such as allergies, thyroid disorders, and hormonal imbalance, all of which can impact well-being.

Helping Men and Women Look Their Best at Every Age
KC Injectables clients include women and men as young as their 20’s all the way to seniors wishing to ‘take a few years off” with hand fillers, cheek and neck fillers, and non-surgical lifts.
“Traditionally, med spas catered to women, but more and more men are coming in to have us treat skin damage from the sun, deep lines, and hair regrowth,” Fry said. “We also have many clients who rely on Botox injections to relieve migraines or TMJ.”

Tell Us What’s Bothering You
“Our philosophy is different than a lot of med spas,” Fry noted, “and our clients feel that difference immediately. They tell us they feel ‘heard’ here. No matter how many times I see a client, I start every visit by handing them a mirror and saying, ‘show me what bothers you’ or ‘where do feel you need refinements to our previous work?’”
For clients who aren’t sure what they want or need, KC Injectables offers a free in-office, no commitment consultation which can be scheduled by phone or online on the website.

“Oftentimes, people have an idea of what they want, so we book the consult with enough time to add a treatment in the same visit. If they’re still deciding, we can write up a treatment plan with pricing to give them more time to consider their options,” noted Fry.

Facial Balancing is the Key to a Natural Look
A special expertise of Fry’s is what she calls “Facial Balancing.”
“Our unique offering of Facial Balancing is a point of pride for KC Injectables,” Fry said. “Harmonizing facial features for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance is a unique skill that I’m proud to provide to my clients.”
KC Injectables clients have a great trust in Fry and Fronsoe, and occasionally these experts must hold the line on what they’re being asked to do.
“Facial balancing is a mixture of training, assessment as a nurse, and my aesthetic views,” explained Fry. “It’s my responsibility as a medical aesthetics professional to be honest and give clients reasons why something may not be right for someone. I explain that ‘sometimes the issue isn’t making something bigger, but rather adding a bit somewhere else to balance things out’. The goal, I tell them, is to keep friends guessing…’why do you look so rested and refreshed?’”

To Fry, this is key to building a partnership with each client.
“The trust we’ve built and explaining the “why” behind what we do is so important,” she added. “It’s the way we worked as nurses and here as well. Educating my clients is crucial to the success of the treatments.”

Accessible and Affordable for All
Fry is well aware that the perception of med spas is that they offer luxuries only a few can afford. But Fry has designed KC Injectables to be accessible to all kinds of people and all kinds of budgets.
“We worked hard to create an atmosphere and culture that isn’t intimidating,” she said. “Our goal is to make it comforting, welcoming and positive…everyone deserves that kind of luxury experience.”
As such, KC Injectables works with clients to identify affordable treatment options that are effective and worthwhile. The med spa also offers memberships which allows our clients to bank monthly contributions to use at any time for services, and membership also includes special pricing. Additionally, they offer payment plan options through excellent providers to further accommodate their clients’ needs.

Ensuring the Results Are Still You…Only Better
The KC Injectables tagline captures the essence of Fry’s enhancement philosophy: Elevate your beauty. Redefine your confidence.
“Better looks are just the tip of what treatments can do. Small improvements can have a profound emotional impact on confidence, self-assurance, and life in general. When you glow from the inside out, everyone will take notice.”

Added Fry, “KC Injectables is committed to providing personalized, high-quality services in a supportive and welcoming environment.
We aim to be the top choice for those considering aesthetic treatments, ensuring they leave feeling confident and satisfied with their experience.”



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