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This growing center is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Total Joint Replacement for Knees, Hips and Shoulders.

University Health Lakewood Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center is a distinguished center known for its exceptional reputation in orthopaedic surgery. It is notably recognized for its expertise in total joint replacement procedures for knees, hips, and shoulders. The expertise and dedication of the medical team ensure that patients receive high-quality treatment customized to their individual needs. This commitment to excellence has solidified the Lakewood campus at University Health as a premier destination for advanced joint replacement procedures.

The orthopaedic team is fully committed to delivering the highest quality of care for its families and friends. This is where quality of care is not simply an ideal; it’s a lifestyle to which all practitioners and staff are wholly committed. With a reputation built upon a solid foundation of excellence, this orthopaedic center offers its patients the unexpected: a small community hospital environment with all the prestige of a large metropolitan healthcare facility that is part of a not-for-profit two-hospital health system.
University Health Lakewood’s orthopaedic team offers a comprehensive array of services to address a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Specializing in total joint replacement, orthopaedic sports medicine, foot and ankle care, spine services including pain management, and primary care-based sports medicine, the team of experienced specialists provides individualized treatment plans to help patients restore mobility and enhance their quality of life. Whether seeking care for a sports injury or chronic joint pain, patients can trust the orthopaedic team at University Health to deliver personalized and practical solutions to get them back to their active lifestyle.

Scott Luallin, MD and Jill Bolling, Athletic Trainer

Since 2017, University Health Lakewood has consistently received The Joint Commission Gold Seal for Total Joint Replacement Hips and Knees. The center has also received certification for Total Joint Replacement-Shoulders.
What does this certification mean for patients? First, it improves patient care quality by reducing process variation, thereby setting a high standard for quality and safety of care, treatment and services. As a result, patients enjoy lower lengths of stay and faster recovery times.

This service takes center stage as a respected leader in distinguishing itself as one of the best. Its Total Joint Replacement programs have achieved the highest levels of professional recognition and are a focus for serving the increasing baby-boomer population.
“University Health Lakewood Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center offers patients a distinct advantage as they search for the best provider for that joint replacement-proven quality outcomes,” emphasized Thomas J. McCormack, M.D., MHCDS. “The rigorous evaluation by The Joint Commission on the center’s care delivery and communication practices enables a continuous process improvement focus.”
Opting for this level of scrutiny, the dynamic team at the center is dedicated to assembling a diverse team of orthopaedic care providers with varying practice styles, expertise, and academic backgrounds. This deliberate strategy encourages enhanced collaboration among physicians, all striving towards delivering exceptional patient care more efficiently.
Dr. McCormack emphasized that despite being a smaller practice, Lakewood Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center consistently achieves outstanding quality outcomes. Patients can rely on the joint replacement programs offered by the center for improved pain management, faster recoveries, and high satisfaction levels with physician and staff interactions, ultimately resulting in greater value for the patient.

Akin Cil, MD, Chairman of Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Trust the Orthopaedic Specialists at University Health Lakewood

A new, dedicated orthopaedic center at University Health Lakewood opened in 2019. Designed to centralize all physician practices, and allow for convenient patient access, the new center also supported expansion of orthopaedic specialties available to this Eastern Jackson County patient base.
Dr. Akin Cil, Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, shared his excitement for the organization’s investment in providing state-of-the-art facilities and technology. “There has been a remarkable growth over the past few years, for the orthopaedic surgery family and its scope of services” emphasized Dr. Cil. “This center allows for the inclusion of more orthopaedic specialties. All physicians of these services can practice at the same venue, steps away from each other, and share ideas on how to manage common or rare complex musculoskeletal problems.” “The experts at University Health Lakewood are committed to providing top-notch diagnosis and treatment for bone and joint issues, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and well-being”, stated Dr. Cil. Dr. Cil focuses on care for the shoulder and elbow.
With a wide range of specialties, the orthopaedic department ensures individualized and comprehensive treatment tailored to each patient’s specific needs. There is also a unique Family Medicine-Based Sports Medicine approach, integrating sports medicine with family medicine for personalized care that addresses both athletic performance and overall health needs

The Sports Medicine Advantage: Dr. Scott Luallin/Sports Medicine/Total Joint Replacement

An orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who has also served as Chief Medical Officer for Sporting KC for over two decades, Dr. Scott Luallin enjoys orthopaedics as it offers the opportunity to problem solve, coupled with the use of novel surgical techniques, both of which come naturally to him.
“Sports medicine is a field that addresses injuries and problems for all levels of athletes, from the weekend warrior to the elite professional,” he explained. “Returning any athlete, regardless of level, to their respective activity is what we strive to do. Getting people back, I believe, greatly enhances their lives and contributes to well-being and a healthier lifestyle.”
When caring for patients, Dr. Luallin incorporates a unique approach to each individual. “I try to tailor treatment to a patient’s individual needs and expectations,” he indicated. “For example, I see a number of people with ACL injuries. There are several different techniques to reconstruct an ACL, and each of them has unique attributes that make them ideal for a given scenario. I believe this helps achieve the best outcome for each individual.”
Dr. Luallin maintains a keen eye on the future of his delivery of care for patients and anticipates his areas of expertise can significantly add to the impressive breadth of services at University Health Lakewood. For example, cartilage restoration is a special interest for him. “Cartilage injuries have historically been very difficult to treat, due to their unique structure and inability to regenerate,” he explained. “Now, we have numerous techniques to address these types of injuries that enable people to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.”

Nathan Gause, MD

Elevating Foot and Ankle Care: Dr. Nathan Gause /Foot and Ankle Care

Dr. Nathan Gause is a dedicated orthopaedic surgeon who joined the University Health Orthopaedic team in September 2023. His practice offers patients access to cutting-edge treatments through an academic platform.
Specializing in foot and ankle conditions, Dr. Gause introduces advanced techniques and treatments to enhance patient outcomes. He performs procedures such as total ankle replacements for ankle arthritis and minimally invasive surgeries for bunions and fractures, focusing on personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Gause ensures that individual goals and preferences are addressed throughout the treatment process by actively listening to patients and involving them in developing their care plans.
At University Health Lakewood, Dr. Gause frequently treats common foot and ankle conditions like bunions, ankle arthritis, flat foot deformity, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and fractures. Looking forward, he aims to enhance foot and ankle services by fostering collaboration within the podiatric service at Lakewood, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes in this specialty area.

Enhancing Spine Care:
The Collaborative Expertise
• Houssam Bouloussa, MD, MS, Spine Surgery • Alicia Hillman, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine and Sports Medicine
• David Sherwood, DO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Houssam Bouloussa, Dr. Alicia Hillman, and Dr. David Sherwood have been instrumental in establishing a specialized spine care focus over the past two years. Through their collaborative efforts, they have developed a multidisciplinary approach to treating back and neck pain and injuries, incorporating Physical Therapy (PT), Behavioral Health, and Physical Medicine into comprehensive treatment plans.
At University Health Lakewood, this team possesses specialized expertise and training in treating spine and neck conditions that set them apart.
“Our team trained at some of the most prestigious centers in the nation, including Yale, Mayo Clinic, and Vanderbilt,” Dr. Hillman highlighted. This extensive training equips them with the knowledge and skills to provide top-tier care for patients with spine and neck issues.
The spine care team takes a holistic and comprehensive approach, considering both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Dr. Hillman emphasizes the importance of a patient-centered approach to spine care that involves reviewing prior workups, treatments, and interventions, addressing bone health and nerve pathology, and tailoring treatment plans to meet each patient’s unique needs.
Ensuring patient education and involvement in their treatment plans is a priority. Dr. Hillman believes in empowering patients by allowing them to view imaging and data, explaining treatment plans thoroughly, and engaging them in decision-making. This collaborative approach ensures that patients are active participants in their healthcare journey.

Houssam Bouloussa, MD and patient

“More than 90% of cases in our spine clinic do not require surgery,” expressed Dr. Sherwood, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach in evaluating spine conditions. He values integrating past medical history, physical exams, and imaging studies to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.
Dr. Sherwood is transparent with patients about the likelihood of surgical intervention when warranted by neurologic deficits and imaging findings that align with their symptoms, helping patients make informed decisions about their care at University Health.
“Our spine team focuses on minimizing the need for surgical interventions for spine and neck patients by emphasizing conservative treatment approaches when appropriate, stated Dr. Bouloussa. “We employ evidence-based strategies and leverage expertise and a collaborative environment to identify patients who may benefit from non-surgical interventions, ultimately reducing pain and improving function.”
“The seamless collaboration and communication among specialists within the orthopaedic department at University Health Lakewood plays a crucial role in treating spine and neck conditions,” stated Dr. Bouloussa. “With a full range of spine services available on-site, including imaging, lab work, and various diagnostic tools, patients receive comprehensive care under one roof.” The team’s accessibility, triage system, and daily collaboration ensure that patients receive personalized and coordinated care that leads to positive outcomes in their spine and neck treatments.
University Health Lakewood offers a collaborative and structured approach to spine care by adopting a spine center model of care within an academic setting.
“Our vision is to evolve into a Center for Spine Excellence,” Dr. Sherwood envisions, where patients can seek independent second opinions and receive personalized care for their spine-related concerns.

David Sherwood, DO and patient

Discover Primary Care-based Sports Medicine

Unique to this center is the platform it has established upon which true orthopaedic- based sports medicine can seamlessly integrate with primary care- based sports medicine. Some sports medicine physicians are surgeons trained to repair damage to tendons, ligaments, and joints. Family medicine-based sports medicine provides a full spectrum of non-surgical services focusing on improved performance, enhanced overall health and injury prevention.
Providers Margaret Gibson, M.D., Kevin Gray, M.D., and Rachel Sachs, DO, are board-certified in family medicine and sports medicine. All three tend to a broad patient base, from young adolescents to adults. All three also serve as faculty in the UMKC School of Medicine Community and Family Medicine Residency program,

Margaret (Meg) Gibson, MD and Allen Crawford, Athletic Trainer

Rachel Sachs, DO

University Health – Lakewood Orthopaedic Center: Your Premier Destination for Total Joint Replacement

University Health provides exceptional orthaopedic care, with a team of specialized physicians offering cutting-edge treatments and personalized care. Patients can trust University Health’s commitment to excellence and patient-centered approach when seeking treatment for orthopaedic conditions. If you’re looking for top-tier orthopaedic care, consider University Health for your medical needs – where expertise, compassion, and innovation come together to deliver the highest quality of care. Visit University Health for leading orthopaedic services that prioritize your health and well-being.


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