Kansas City MedSpa Plaza Aesthetics Renews Your Spirit

Story by Ann E. Butenas

Beauty and wellness are not just Kansas City MedSpa appointments. They are an investment into your overall quality of life.

When you first meet Dr. Amber Botros, owner of Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, you are greeted by a rare form of authenticity. Friendly and welcoming, she immediately feels like one of your tribe. Dr. Botros, who earned her medical degree from the Kansas University of Medicine and Bioscience, knew she wanted to follow her passion of truly helping people. Fortunately, this all comes naturally to her.

She continues to be active in the American Academy of Family Physicians, Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program and American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. Dr. Botros completed a Family Medicine residency at Research Medical Center in Kansas City. While working as a hospitalist physician at Research Medical Center, she saw the need for a physician owned and operated medical spa in the greater Kansas City area.

As she continues to maintain her board certification with the American Board of Family Medicine, as well as licenses in Missouri and Kansas, Dr. Botros decided to open a boutique health and wellness center, located at 4600 Madison Avenue in Suite 120 that allows her to use her knowledge, passion, and professionalism to benefit patients of all ages.

“I have always had an interest in aesthetics and the arts,” she reflected.

Dr. Botros opened her first Kansas City med spa center on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, with just 1,000 square feet. She essentially wore all hats to ensure its success – receptionist, medical assistant, nurse, and doctor. She worked tirelessly to provide the ultimate in health and wellness services and experiences.

By April 2022, she relocated to another location on the Plaza, expanding her center’s footprint by an additional 4,000 square feet, resulting in a true state-of-the-art facility in the West Plaza.  Her practice has gained considerable velocity this year, mainly because of the people she employs and the philosophy by which she operates.

“My mission is to provide the best in patient safety and satisfaction,” she emphasized.  “We are in the business of taking care of patients. I look to my staff to provide the best care for them, just as I do.”

Botros explained that everything done in this premier medical spa has her own touch and input.


“Because I am a doctor, everything and everyone here is an extension of me,” she noted. “I have trained all of the staff and oversee every single procedure. I speak with the aestheticians and nurse directly about the patient’s settings. I may not be in the room for each service, but my employees are providing the same level of care as if I were performing the treatment myself. As a result, we offer the highest level of care and rarely have an adverse event.

Among the experienced team members at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness include Megan Griffiths, RN, BSN; Medical Estheticians Jesse Anderson, Ashlee Campbell, Annie McBee, Olivia Moore, and Brittany Barnes; and Registered Dietician Paige Posson.

With such a diverse and talented group ready to make each patient experience the best it can possibly be, it’s no surprise Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness has been voted KC’s Best Medical Spa in 2018 and 2019, as well as being nominated for this same honor in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

So Many Amazing Services.  But First…Let’s Talk!

Before undergoing any type of service or procedure at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, it is vitally important for Dr. Botros and her staff to conduct thorough conversations with each potential patient.

“We provide a complimentary consultation to determine the treatments or services that are best for each individual only suggesting what is appropriate for them,” Dr. Botros explained.

Dr. Botros uses the VISIA® Skin Analysis System as one of her primary diagnostic tools. This is a highly comprehensive digital imaging system that evaluates a patient’s skin both on the surface and in the sub-layers beneath. As it provides an objective analysis of the skin, Dr. Botros and her team can determine the best course of treatments and/or procedures for each individual patient.

Discover the Amazing Kansas City Medspa Services Offered at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness

At Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, patients are on the receiving end of five-star treatment.  Dr. Botros only uses the best in equipment, procedures, and pharmaceutical-grade products, all of which have been proven effective in clinical trials, make the most financial sense and provide long-term benefits.

Not just a med spa and a medical clinic, Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness encourages beauty from the inside out. All of the services offered give each patient the chance to be the best version of themselves. This is accomplished in a professional and beautiful atmosphere.

Among the many services offered here include wrinkle relief treatment (Botox and Dysport, Xeomin), dermal fillers, laser hair removal, skin care, chemical peels, micro-needling (also with radiofrequency), weight loss treatment, body contouring, face and neck contouring, laser resurfacing, skin tightening, photo rejuvenation BBL, aesthetic services, hormone replacement for both men and women, and medical cosmetics. Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness is essentially a one-stop shop to get what you deserve, and that is to feel beautiful, confident, and fully authentic.

“When we initially consult with a patient, we discuss their concerns and together formulate both short-and longer-term treatment plans, as well as discuss beauty budgets,” explained Dr. Botros, whose spa has something for everyone.

What Dr. Botros enjoys most about her business is the opportunity it gives her to do something different every day, she loves coming to work and treating the Kansas City community. The services she provides are designed to elevate the customer experience on many levels.

“I enjoy providing treatments that help patients feel more comfortable and confident in their appearance,” she reflected. “We are not about drastically changing one’s appearance. Instead, we give them a greater sense of confidence and comfort in how they look.”

Offering Something for Everyone at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness

Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness strives to cater to most anyone’s budget, as well. As a result, Dr. Botros offers various spa memberships designed to help patients create and balance a beauty budget. These memberships allow patients to create a reserve of funds that can finance various procedures, treatments, and products. These memberships also offer discounts on certain products and services.

“This gives patients the opportunity to affordably accrue money in an account that can be used on desired service or skin care product,” noted Dr. Botros, whose monthly memberships start at just $100.00 per month.

Fitting each patient’s needs, lifestyle, and budget is what separates Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness from the others.

“We want people to come in to see us with an open mind so we can work with them to determine the most appropriate procedure and services for them,” she said.

Creating Raving Fans

Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness has a huge following and has created raving fans out of its patients.  It is not uncommon to hear the words amazing, personable, and effective when patients speak about the team here.

When you are ready to pursue beauty and wellness inside and out, it is time to make an appointment with Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness. Your experience here promises to be exceptional as you achieve your personal aesthetic and wellness goals under the guidance and care of a board-certified physician who always puts the patient above everything else.


For more information on Dr. Botros, her team, and Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, visit them online at plazamedicalspa.com or call 816.463.4440.