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When you choose to do business with Arvest Bank – whether personal, professional, or both – you are at the starting point of what promises to be a long and successful relationship. With a keen focus on the customer above everything else, you can be assured of a positive experience throughout the years with this experienced team of banking and wealth management professionals at your side every step of the way. With a complete range of financial services, Arvest stands at the ready to help you with all of your financial needs.

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The Arvest Difference

Arvest grows with you, the customer. This team will be with you as you begin your practice and will walk with you throughout your professional journey and across the threshold into retirement. Arvest will remain involved to the extent you want them to be involved. Throughout the entire process, their focus will steadfastly remain on serving you and always putting you first and above all else.

Over the course of 60+ years, Arvest has grown from a small bank in a small town to a regional bank in many towns of varying sizes. What has never changed, however, is the high level of concierge-style customer service this company delivers. This is a group of people whose priority is helping other people find financial solutions for life. With their exclusive Private Banking services, Arvest aims to address all facets of clients’ financial circumstances by providing banking, investment, and other financial services to high-net-worth individuals. Arvest also specializes in banking relationships with physicians who qualify for their program, from the start of their careers through the retirement phase.

“We’re here for all of your banking needs,” emphasized Lori Funk, Senior Vice President, Private Banking Manager. “We specialize in making banking needs easier.”

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Working with Arvest at the beginning of the professional relationship

“From the beginning of a client’s relationship with Arvest Private Banking, we learn all that we can about who they are as a person and customize our care for them,” Jessica Freeman, Vice President, Private Banking Advisor, explained.

When working with a physician and his family several years ago, Freeman partnered closely with his mortgage lender to ensure the account opening process was easy and seamless. The client had chosen to take advantage of Arvest’s amazing Physician Loan program for their mortgage. Having a Private Banker personally assigned to him created a deeper relationship wherein a database of information was collected, saving the client valuable time.

“We were able to assist this family with a second mortgage on their new home that allowed them to make updates and renovations right away,” said Freeman, who continually looks for ways to help clients beyond what they specifically ask for.

“Upon review of their credit report, I suggested a refinance of their auto loan, which helped them lower their monthly payment,” she indicated, evidencing just one of the many ways the Arvest Private Banking program makes a significant difference for their clients. Funk has since grown the relationship with this client to the point she is now supporting their son with his personal financial needs, as well.

“I make a point to touch base with my clients throughout the year to maintain a close relationship and to continue to provide them with personalize service,” emphasized Freeman.

Using your Private Banker at Arvest on a day-to-day basis

For the Private Bankers at Arvest, working with physicians is just as rewarding as it is fun. The relationships developed are similar to one of family or a close friend.

“While talking with a long-time client in casual discussion about the possible purchase of a new vehicle, she mentioned they were trying to find new things to do with their kids, new restaurants to go to, and new events to attend because they were new to the area in which they purchased their current home,” expressed Kenton McNeill, Vice President, Senior Private Banking Advisor

“I offered to show her around the area,” said McNeill. “We went to a country club that offered many events and classes for both kids and adults. We also drove by several different local restaurants and shops. Finally, I showed her where to get a list of events that were happening in the area over the next two or three months.”

During those few hours spent together, McNeill and the client also discussed different types of reliable vehicles that would accommodate their entire family. This is just one example of a daily activity coordinated by the Private Bankers at Arvest. In a sense, they become a trusted family friend.

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Business ownership with Arvest by your side

“I received a referral from an existing client for a cardiologist who was relocating to Kansas City to start a new practice,” recalled Shelli Mason, Vice President, Private Banking Advisor. “When I reached out to the doctor, we set up a meeting to discuss his business and personal banking needs, as well as what Arvest has to offer in both areas for physicians.”

The introductory conversation revealed that Arvest was the ideal fit for the client to accommodate his personal and professional needs, as both could be serviced in the same bank.

“His needs expanded from personal checking, savings, and credit card to safety deposit box and online access,” said Mason. “The business was going to require more in-depth conversation to discover what was needed to get started. As such, we put business checking and savings into place, then expanded to commercial credit cards, merchant processing for the payments being made to him, as well as a working line of credit.”

Mason and the client also discussed potential equipment finance needs for the near future.

“All throughout the multiple conversations and meetings we had, I assured him that not only thru me but also through my business partners within Arvest, we were there to make sure he was set up to run his practice successfully,” stated Mason.

Over time this relationship grew, and it was extremely fulfilling for Mason, knowing the client fully trusted her and knew she would take care of him while simultaneously ensuring doing business with Arvest’s Private Banking program was easy and convenient.

“This allowed the client to focus his time and energy into giving that same level of commitment and service to his patients,” said Mason.

Transitioning into retirement with Arvest

One Arvest client worked as an endodontist for 29 years, traveling around the world with the United States Navy. After eight years of subsequently running a highly successful personal practice, this client decided to sell her business and focus on working towards retirement. Arvest made this an easy and approachable next step.

“What separates us from other financial companies is the service,” expressed Dominique Bloom, Vice President, Private Banking Advisor. “We provide dedicated Private Banking Advisors who know every client’s priority and are backed by a team of Client Advisors dedicated to meet our clients’ financial goals by assisting on a one-on-one basis. We understood this particular client’s fast-paced lifestyle and the need to be efficient with her time. We started with an introductory meeting with Arvest Wealth Management to look for the best route towards retirement.”

The initial conversation began with a discussion about the client’s goals, her feelings about retirement, and how she envisioned that retirement.

“We addressed her concerns and expectations,” explained Bloom. “Financial planning is always ongoing for us. We identify things that could pose a threat to our client’s financials and manage them along the process.”

After the sale of a very profitable practice, the client’s plan is now to work for the United States Navy for another five to eight years before retiring.

“Her financial goals are to grow her cash reserves in the next few years and save for retirement without taking on too much market risk,” noted Bloom. “Arvest Wealth Management takes a tailored approach to financial planning, allowing us to customize each investment strategy for the client’s unique needs. Our proposed plan offered a conservative growth strategy with liquidity, allowing the client access to funds without incurring a withdrawal penalty.”

Whether you are an existing Arvest customer or are interested in becoming one, this team of dedicated professionals is ready to assist you on the next phase of your journey. You can be connected to a Private Banker who can answer your questions, help with your banking needs, give financial advice, and provide superior one-on-one service.


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