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Story by Ann Butenas

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.” (Anonymous)

Wellness leader and author Deepak Chopra once said, “The mind and the body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one.” In other words, our bodies know what to do to heal themselves. The challenge we must overcome, however, is to silence our mind, as our mind and body are linked together. What affects one affects the other.

Keeping your body healthy overall is an expression of gratitude towards life itself. If it is total and authentic well-being you seek, your search is over. Radiate Wellness, LLC, described as “wellness without walls,” invites you to discover its community of practitioners who are passionately dedicated to helping you create the well-being you deserve on all levels: spiritual, energetic, and physical.

Christi Clemons Hoffman, MA, CHt, Owner and Founder: Akashic Records, Animal Communication, Medical Intuition, Reiki Master, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and Author

“We have services for all aspects of that journey,” expressed Christi Clemons Hoffman, owner, and founder, who got laid off from her corporate job in 2016 and began pursuing her purpose and long-awaited dream. This was her opportunity to live her passion and do what has always come naturally to her.

“I wanted to start my own business and do so with integrity,” noted Christi, who initially began her endeavor virtually and now has an office in Prairie Village, Kansas. However, most of the services offered can be obtained online, so she and her team can essentially work with clients all over the world. Intentional in choosing the name for her practice, Christi focused on the word “radiate” for all it encompasses.

“When you radiate, whether heat, energy, joy, or divine love, for example, you expand outward.  We help you get there through the services we offer,” she explained.

The mind-body connection

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes influence the way we think and feel. The mind-body connection is how your feelings and your thoughts communicate. Even though it may seem as if your feelings come from your mind, they actually imply a physical sensation of some sort. Have you ever noticed when you are nervous, stressed, or anxious that your heart rate increases? Conversely, when you are feeling confident and secure, you tend to feel calm and strong. Subsequently, your thoughts will follow how you are feeling. Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has stated, that “well-being integrates mental health (mind) and physical health (body) resulting in more holistic approaches to disease prevention and health promotion.”

Not surprisingly the idea of caring not just for your overall physical health but also your well-being is gaining ground and becoming more of a mainstream approach in health services as opposed to something alternative. The team at Radiate Wellness understands this and enjoys helping people on their individual path towards improved health and a positive state of mind.

Spiritual guidance, well-being, peace, insight, and health – what do you want your life to radiate?

Christi works in partnership with Kathy Lesmeister and Mary Jane Staudenmann, each of whom offer their own talents and services. Christi specializes in Akashic Records, Animal Communication, Medical Intuition, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), and is also a Reiki Master. Kathy’s focus is on Access Consciousness, Attunement, and Chakra Balancing. Mary Jane, based in Geneva, Switzerland, specializes in Astrology and Tarot. Christi and Mary Jane are also published authors.

Among the most popular services for Christi’s clients include Reiki and QHHT (which can only be done in person). Through Reiki, Christi helps clients discover the source of the physical and emotional pain they are experiencing by clearing those blockages, leaving clients feeling lighter and more positive, even after just one session.

Certified at Level 3 in QHHT, Christi is one of only 31 practitioners in the world at this level. Through this practice, clients discover their Higher Self, also referred to as the Subconscious, to discover how other lifetimes have impacted their present life. By communicating with one’s Subconscious, the body can be scanned and healed, giving the client guidance and understanding that allows them to achieve their goals and even answer those persistent life-long questions.

Through the use of QHHT, Christi emphasized how various physical ailments can also be resolved, such as cancer, joint pain, IBS, and migraines.

Kathy Lesmeister: Access Consciousness, Attunement, and Chakra Balancing

“It’s about understanding where those come from and their origins,” she expressed. “I help clients in a very real way. They may struggle with issues for years or their whole lives. I can help them improve their health, their relationships, and so much more.”

Kathy works with clients in the process of self-discovery and growth, emphasizing how everyone has the ability to heal themselves. She is a proponent of living life in complete awareness and assisting clients with letting go of the blocks that prevent them from becoming who they truly are and creating the life they desire and deserve.

Mary Jane Staudenmann: Astrology, Tarot, and Author

Mary Jane has been teaching astrology for four decades and is also a Tarot reader. She applies the symbolic messages of the Tarot, helping clients further understand their inner self as it relates to the outer world and events.

With their expansive toolkit, this team of practitioners can employ a variety of means to get to the heart of the matter for each individual client. Different people resonate with different techniques. Not just one thing is employed.

“I use my intuition to see what the clients need,” said Christi. “It is my job to help people navigate life and move through their issues.”

Podcasts, classes, events, and more

Christi also hosts the Radiate Wellness Podcast. Each week she discusses tools, tips, and ways to radiate your best life ever interviewing practitioners, authors, and luminaires to help guide you on your path. She also hosts Real-Life Angel Encounters Podcast. Both podcasts can be accessed on all major podcast platforms and YouTube. Additionally, you can sign up for various classes and events on her website.

As for her future plans, Christi hopes to expand and incorporate more practitioners, especially those with the hard skills, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists.

“I am on a mission to let people know how normal and natural this is,” she emphasized. “The metaphysical can be mainstream. This doesn’t have to be alternative. We need medical things, yes, but I see healing as a mountain we must dig a tunnel through. Medical scans and technology are on one side and energy is on the other side. I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible figure it out. We are in charge of our thoughts and energy and that is what creates our life. We are powerful in that way and are in charge of our own destiny.”


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