Physician Aesthetic Specialists: Dedicated to Bringing Out the Best in You!

Story by Lynne Hayes

Look in the mirror. We all have some things we would love to improve about our appearance. Dr. Dan Margolin, a Board-Certified Surgeon and owner of Physician Aesthetic Specialists (PAS), believes it is perfectly normal to feel this way. He also believes in creating a safe space to talk about those issues and what can be done to help.

“It is not healthy to hold those insecurities inside of you and let it eat away at your self-esteem every time you see yourself,” said Margolin. “Over time, the negative thoughts can strip away at your confidence and ultimately, that can affect your personal and professional life. Finding out ways to help improve some of those insecurities can dramatically improve the overall quality of life you experience on a daily basis.”

Dr. Margolin brings 20 years of experience as a surgeon to his practice, serving the greater Kansas City area. He and his team take great pride in their work while performing all aesthetic, weight loss and hormone treatments.
“I decided to focus my knowledge and surgical skill to help people feel their best and live healthier lives through the integrated healing of the body and mind. Please come to our Med Spa knowing that we can help you physically look and feel younger. Our goal is to help patients achieve balanced well-being and enjoy life to the fullest extent.”
Physician Aesthetic Specialists is a personalized concierge medical spa specializing in aesthetic procedures and full-body wellness programs including hormonal and weight loss therapy. PAS carries multiple lines of physician-dispensed skin care products to enhance your treatments and overall skin care success.
Margolin opened PAS in April 2022 after spending nearly 20 years as a general surgeon with Saint Luke’s Health System. “I was one of the highest-volume surgeons at Saint Luke’s and dealing with burnout, as well as being a single dad to my three girls,” he shared.
“I needed to do something different that was less stressful and provided more time to be a father, but still allowed me to follow my passion for improving people’s health and well-being.”
For Margolin, creating a medical spa was the ideal answer. Defying the old perception that surgeons don’t make good students, he worked hard at learning everything about medical aesthetics and how to offer the highest quality, personalized non-surgical aesthetic solutions to his clients.

“My motto is ‘check your ego at the door,’” Margolin said. “I care, I’m a listener, and I’m open to learning new things. I entered this industry with an eager attitude, knowing I was starting on an incredible new journey. I relish each chance I get to work with other leaders in the field, soaking up their expertise as I grow. I believe this makes me a better doctor and in turn, gives my patients an enhanced experience.”

A Unique and Robust Range of Treatments for Women and Men
Since the clinic opened its doors, Physician Aesthetic Specialists has more than lived up to Margolin’s vision of creating a high-quality client experience and his promise to use his background as a doctor to provide services that no one else offers. With Dr. Margolin at the helm, the PAS staff also includes an operations manager, a patient care coordinator, and a medical assistant, as well as a former critical care nurse and an aesthetician, all of whom are fully trained on all the clinic’s medical treatment devices.
“We’re a family and work wonderfully together as a team — and it shows in everything we do,” said Margolin.

Women and men will discover a robust menu of more than 20 medical and aesthetic treatments, ranging from non-surgical body contouring and facelifts with EMSCULPT NEO® and EMFACE® to hormone therapy, laser hair removal, stem cell hair restoration, fillers, migraine treatment, and more.

New Cutting-Edge Treatments Worth Exploring
Three brand new devices are already creating buzz among the clinic’s clientele:
• BTL EMSELLA Chair – A non-surgical solution for stimulating and strengthening pelvic floor muscles in both men and women. The treatments address issues including urinary incontinence, urine leakage, back pain, bladder control, and intimate health conditions such as vaginal laxity and certain types of sexual dysfunction. Each 28-minute session is the equivalent of doing 11,200 Kegels, according to Dr. Margolin.
• Plasmage® – The first patented fractional plasma device for dermatology and aesthetic medicine, the device safely treats delicate tissues like upper and lower eyelids (where lasers and radio surgical units can’t) for issues such as hooded eyelids, scarring, fibromas, lentigo, wrinkles, and more than 25 other skin conditions with quick results.
• Exion™ Fractional RF – A revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that uses radiofrequency energy and targeted ultrasound to tighten skin, melt fat cells, and contour areas such as back fat and post-pregnancy tummy bulges. The treatment can also be used to eliminate scar tissue and acne. Most treatments result in no downtime.

Free Consultations to Help Personalize Every Client’s Treatment Journey
On your first visit to Physician Aesthetic Specialists, you’ll be treated to a complimentary, in-depth consultation where you’ll meet the patient coordinator, as well as with Dr. Margolin. In the session, your aesthetic concerns will be discussed, and we will outline the procedures that can address them. Videos and before/after photos will help you envision what you can expect from the treatments and results.

“We take as long as the clients need to get their questions and concerns satisfied,”
Margolin said. “Our philosophy is that every client wants to be heard, and we are here to listen first, recommend second. No one will ever feel like a number at PAS. We want to create a personal connection and a mutual trust in order to build long-lasting relationships.”
With so many services and treatments available, it can feel overwhelming to new clients. Margolin said they often develop phased plans so a client can do some now, and some at later dates.

Membership and Payment Plans to Make Enhancements More Affordable
While pricing is competitive, Physician Aesthetic Specialists works hard to make treatments available for all budgets. They’re able to connect clients to third-party payment plans, and also offer two membership programs: the Basic Beauty Bank Membership and the VIP Glow Membership. Both feature affordable monthly rates that are “banked” to use on a menu of monthly treatment options, along with discounts on other services. Be sure to ask about these memberships during your consultation.

Everyone Deserves to Feel Confident in Their Own Skin
Dr. Margolin wants clients to see PAS as a place that provides “integrated healing of the body and mind.” He has seen, time and again, how attention to well-being builds self confidence, energy, and a new outlook on life. “Think of us as your personal wellness team,” Margolin said, “and let us guide you to the treatments that will bring out the very best in you, outside and inside.
“I believe you’ll find that no one else offers the level of comprehensive services, personalized care, or cutting-edge technology that we provide at Physician Aesthetic Specialists. We want to be known as the center for non-invasive face and body sculpting. With our expert guidance and care, you can look and feel your best at any age.”.
“We look forward to the opportunity to help you look and feel your

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