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Not all angels have wings. Some have stethoscopes, scrubs, a heart of service, and a passion to provide the best in cancer care to those who might not otherwise have access to it.

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Darinda J. Dick, MSN, RN, President/Chief Executive Officer

When the mission of your hospital is to improve the health of the community by providing quality health care services while also exceeding patient expectations, then that hospital must be Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC), a fully accredited acute care county medical center in Warrensburg, Missouri. This is the place where the secret to the care of the patient is simply found in caring for the patient. Everyone at this hospital understands their role on the team, and caring is the essence of what this team does.

Located about 35 miles east of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, WMMC is a non-profit county medical center offering comprehensive health care services to residents of Johnson County (Missouri) and west central Missouri.  It was founded in 1963 as Johnson County Memorial Hospital. After more than two decades of phenomenal growth, it was renamed WMMC in 1986. To this day, WMMC continues to expand its menu of services and specialties, bringing the best in care to area residents who deserve and appreciate receiving quality care closer to home and who might not otherwise have access to these services.

With a vision to be the regional preferred provider of exceptional health care services, WMMC operates on full throttle, providing critical health care services to those who might not have anywhere else to go. In taking a proactive approach to this vision, WMMC is home to a leading cancer center.

Opening the Doors to the Western Missouri Cancer Center

Jaswinder Singh, M.D.

In 2014, WMMC dedicated a space for its highly specialized cancer center. Seven years later, Dr. Jaswinder Singh, a board-certified cancer specialist overseeing MidAmerica Cancer Care (MACC), partnered with WMMC to support the hospital’s vision to provide the best in health care services to area residents.

“Dr. Singh is an amazing, world-class oncologist,” expressed Darinda Dick, President/Chief Executive Officer of WMMC. “This clinic allows us to be a leader in comprehensive cancer care for our community.”

The cancer care center, which is located in the main hospital, is contiguous to the WMMC Infusion Center, further elevating the evidenced-based care that has become an integral part of the hospital’s mission.

“Dr. Singh and his team match our model and push the right things by offering cutting-edge cancer care with compassion,” emphasized Dick.

Serving alongside Dr. Singh are Preethi Ramchandran, M.D., a hematologist-oncologist who is also board-certified in internal medicine, along with Shea Fijal, FNP-BC, who has dedicated her career to providing care for underserved populations, ensuring they get the care they need and deserve.

The Clinical Trial Opportunities and Working Together to Improve Patient Care

At WMMC, patients have the chance to participate in clinical trials, as MACC has a group agreement with various clinical trial companies that are offered to this community.

“Patients want that chance to participate in these trials,” noted Dick. “They want to be a part of the latest cutting-edge technology offered through these trials, which are on par with the type of trials offered at the Mayo Clinic.”

In addition to the MACC team at WMMC, the hospital also provides access to an oncologist and a Nurse Practitioner, so there are no gaps in care.

“The patient doesn’t have to chase the doctor and can coordinate the necessary care right here in our facility,” said Dick. “When you have an oncologist who is trying to save your life, you want to be able to see that doctor specifically. At WMMC, patients have that benefit. We don’t want them to encounter any obstacles in care.”

WMMC partners with local artists to bring beauty and healing to their patients and staff during a time of uncertainty.

A True Leader in the Overall Fight Against Cancer

Having the support and expertise of the MACC team at WMMC is not taken for granted by the WMMC staff.

“Dr. Singh is a real leader in the overall fight against cancer,” reflected Dick. “We couldn’t be more privileged to offer this care to our community, to give our patients such compassion and such a breadth of knowledge, along with access to the best care they need.”

With the integration of such high-level cancer care, patients at WMMC have access to the best treatments possible, administered by some of the best practitioners who truly work from a heart of service.

“We are a family here,” smiled Dick. “Receiving the care they need so close to home is important to our patients and to us. Dr. Singh and everyone at MACC has made that access much easier.”


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Bottom Line

MACC offers new patient consults, follow-up out-patient visits, in-patient care, correspondence with Primary Care Providers, care planning, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, IV and oral treatments, palliative care, supportive care, and more.  Further, MACC provides a lifeline of trust, compassion, and a level of care seemingly unheard of elsewhere. No matter the community, MACC remains committed to caring for patients right within their own communities.

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