Michael M. Hall, MD

Story by Jeanie Edgmon

Fulfilling a Vision

Hand surgery may not immediately come to mind when thinking of life-changing procedures, but those who need orthopedic surgery understand its monumental nature, capable of restoring function, enhancing appearance, reducing pain, and improving quality of life.

For Dr. Michael M. Hall, the upper extremity is more than just flesh and bone. It’s a captivating marvel of engineering, a testament to evolution’s artistry, and the very foundation of human interaction. As a hand surgeon, Dr. Hall finds himself constantly drawn to the intricate interplay taking place within this seemingly small space.

“The sheer complexity packed into the hand is astounding,” Dr. Hall explains. “Muscles, tendons, nerves – a tightly woven network that allows us to perform delicate tasks like threading a needle or powerful actions like gripping a heavy object. Understanding this intricate system is the foundation of everything we do in hand surgery.”

With many people in his family, including his mother, father, uncle, sister and brother in the medical field, Dr. Hall knew from a very young age he wanted to pursue medicine. An injury in his youth also set him on the path of his lifelong love for orthopedics.

An avid sports enthusiast, Hall spent 16 years playing ball, playing three sports in high school, and college football. After breaking his finger at age 13 during a Babe Ruth baseball game, he reset the finger himself. His mother promptly took him to the doctor who, with some surprise, said that the young Hall had done exactly what he would have done! After hearing this his mom said, “This is what you are meant to do” and continued to support and nurture that interest, something he continues to appreciate to this day.
As one of Kansas City’s top orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Hall of KSMO Orthopedics understands the profound impact upper extremity surgery can have on patients’ lives.

“Specializing in the upper extremities was the perfect fit for me. I find hand anatomy to be complex and fascinating. I sincerely feel that the opportunity to provide patient care is an honor and privilege that drives me to provide optimal care. I enjoy the doctor/patient relationship and helping restore functionality in ways that can be life changing. It is incredibly rewarding,” Dr. Hall commented.
Dr. Hall attended Swarthmore College and Chicago Medical School and did his residency at Henry Ford Hospital. He later completed a fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. Double-boarded with an added Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in hand surgery, he is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in Kansas City who is a member of the American Surgical Society of the Hand.

Fulfilling a Vision

With over 27 years of serving patients in the Kansas City area, Dr. Hall determined a need for a facility that is more accessible and accommodating to his patients. Having recently relocated to a new facility at 4940 W. 137th St. in Leawood, Kansas, patients now enjoy nearby care that additionally offers benefits such as a beautiful new building, comfortable waiting areas, and ample parking.
The move has allowed him to pursue providing care in a way that many find contrary to the current, more time and efficiency-focused models.
While many practices must, of necessity, stress the efficiency of time, Dr Hall envisioned a practice where patients could receive the most advanced care possible, but in the context of a service model of a bygone era where patients spend more face-to-face time with their surgeons. This provides the opportunity for the patient to gain full confidence in the surgeon, and the surgeon to gather information that may be overlooked otherwise.
“I envisioned a practice where the patient was much more connected to their care and provider. One of the things that I enjoy and that sets us apart is that I see the patients from the initial appointment and continue to work with them through surgery and recovery. I strive to provide a boutique service. There is no PA. Patients see me preoperatively, operatively, and postoperatively. Patients are just one call away from me.”

He continued,

“This means that patients are not being shuffled around. They are not wasting time and money on unnecessary tests. They see the person who is going to fix them, so no information is ever lost in the process. A patient may come in for a painful shoulder or carpal tunnel syndrome but also get treated for a trigger finger they didn’t know they had because we are working together directly. It makes a huge difference in outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

The Incredible Satisfaction of Orthopedics

Dr. Hall’s fascination extends beyond anatomy. The ability to directly impact a patient’s life through his work fuels a deep sense of professional purpose. “Hand surgery offers the remarkable opportunity to restore not just physical function, but the ability to interact with the world around us,” he says. “Imagine the frustration of not being able to write, cook, or even hold a loved one’s hand. Regaining that ability is what makes this profession so rewarding.”
The technical mastery required in hand surgery adds another layer of intrigue for Dr. Hall. “We operate in millimeters,” he explains, “suturing delicate nerves, repairing intricate tendons. It’s like solving the most challenging puzzle, demanding meticulous focus and unwavering precision.” This precision isn’t merely for aesthetics; it determines a patient’s ability to regain full use of their most vital tools. “The outcome can transform someone’s life,” he emphasizes.
The field of hand surgery itself is a testament to human innovation. “It’s a specialty with a rich history,” Dr. Hall explains, “driven by the constant pursuit of solutions to devastating injuries. Today, we’re constantly pushing boundaries with advancements in microsurgery and prosthetics.”
Yet, amidst the cutting-edge technology, Dr. Hall finds a certain satisfaction in the “hands-on” nature of the work. “There’s a unique sense of accomplishment in using your own hands to heal another’s,” he admits. “It’s a privilege to be entrusted with such a vital instrument of human connection.”

Balancing All That Matters

While Dr. Hall’s days are filled with intricate hand, wrist , elbow and shoulder operations, he prioritizes creating a fulfilling life outside the operating room. “Being a hand surgeon is more than a job, it’s a passion,” Dr. Hall admits. “But my family is my center. They energize me.”
This dedication to balance isn’t just about personal fulfillment. Dr. Hall believes it makes him a better surgeon. He feels it would be impossible to bring optimal patient care without balancing family and community life. “When I’m present at home, fully engaged with my family, I return to work refreshed and focused. That translates to improved patient relationships and better decision-making.”
Dr. Hall is fortunate to have a family that shares many of the same interests. His wife is an emergency room physician, and his three children all played college sports. His two sons are in medical school and one daughter attends Brown.
“We enjoy spending time with the family and building memories. Work is important, but your family is always your priority,” he enthused. “Most in the medical field know how easily work can consume every moment of every day. Our drive to continuously improve the quality of care can push the boundaries of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, to be our best, we need to invest in our family and relationships and bring that energy back to the office on Monday.”
Dr. Hall enjoys many other activities with family and friends. When he has the opportunity, he enjoys road and mountain biking, skiing, and wakeboarding. He also enjoys reading, Legos, piano and photography and finds satisfaction and relaxation in doing yard work.
Consistent with his love for the mechanics of hand and arm function, Dr. Hall enjoys working on cars and restoring them to optimally working machines. Additionally, he loves to spend time driving cars around the track, pushing the boundaries of speed.
Dr. Hall’s message is clear: a successful career and a fulfilling family life are not mutually exclusive. By prioritizing both, he thrives in each.

Prioritizing Expertise

When it comes to orthopedic care, particularly care from the hand to shoulder, choosing the right physician is crucial for ensuring optimal treatment and recovery outcomes. Dr. Hall has invested his life in the additional highly specialized training and performed over 35,000 specialized procedures. Patients receive individualized treatments, and access to the latest research, techniques, and technologies and the most effective and lasting treatment options.

Continuously advancing his knowledge and skills in the field is a commitment to his patients he takes very seriously.

Ultimately, the confluence of intricate mechanics, life-altering impact, and artistic precision keeps Dr. Hall captivated by hand surgery. It’s a constant pursuit of restoring function and hope– one precise movement at a time.

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