James Womack, M.D., Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare

Story by Ann E. Butenas

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Clinton, Missouri, lies a shining beacon of healing and compassionate care – Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH). Within its walls, an outstanding team of providers deliver the utmost in expertise, compassion, and empathy to patients, including top orthopedic physician Dr. James Womack. With his unwavering commitment to restoring mobility and alleviating pain, Dr. Womack has become a respected figure in the organization as well as in the community. Together, GVMH and Dr. Womack deliver unparalleled medical services that breathe life into the dreams and aspirations of those they serve.

Driven by a passion for healing and armed with unparalleled expertise, this top-rated orthopedic doctor has become a pillar of excellence in healthcare. Through his tireless efforts and commitment to providing superior medical services, he has uplifted the lives of countless individuals, transforming pain and limitations into hope and restored mobility.

“At GVMH, we take great pride in making sure each of our patients receives the highest quality of care – our Golden Standard of Care,” said Craig Thompson, CEO. “Our patients are not just patients. They are members of our community – our families, friends and neighbors and we treat each of them with the highest level of personal care, compassion and friendliness.”

 Top Orthopedic Doctor: James Womack, M.D.

Dr. Womack holds a sterling reputation in his field. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Dr. Womack further refined his expertise during his residency in orthopedics at the University of Kansas, Department of Orthopaedics in Wichita, Kansas. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and is a Fellow of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.

Dr. Womack wanted to become a physician so that he could provide an opportunity for his patients to enjoy an improved and healthier lifestyle. He can offer this in many ways, including both surgical and non-surgical approaches to alleviate pain and fix fractures. His goal is to open the door to a more active lifestyle and better quality of life.

Dr. Womack’s exceptional skills in the operating room, combined with his innovative approaches to treatment, including robotic assisted surgery for total hip and knee replacements, as well as partial knee replacement, have revolutionized patient care in orthopedics. What sets Dr. Womack apart, though, is not just his impressive surgical expertise, but also his commitment to a thorough and compassionate approach to patient care. He believes that treatment does not end in the operating room; it includes post-operative care, rehabilitation, and lifestyle changes that help patients return to fuller, more active lives.

Patients under Dr. Womack’s care not only experience a reduction in pain and improved mobility, but also gain a renewed sense of optimism for their future. They find themselves able to return to activities they love, like sports, dancing, or simply going for a walk without discomfort. By helping patients restore their physical health and regain their life’s joys, Dr. Womack is truly making a profound difference in the world of orthopedic medicine.

Working alongside Dr. Womack is Kathy Ervie, PA-C, who holds a Master of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

“I am very thankful to work at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare and truly appreciate the tremendous support they provide me,” said Dr. James Womack. “I am also grateful for Kathy Ervie and the entire team I work with across the organization. We are fortunate to have a lot of extremely talented people and I value their expertise and dedication to providing the best outcomes for our patients.”

Helpful Healing Hands…Located in Clinton, Missouri, Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare is fortunate to have an excellent orthopedic doctor who blends skill and compassion to transform lives.

GVMH: A Pillar of Hope and Healing

“Our healthcare providers serve numerous rural communities and we are the largest employer in the area,” said Thompson. “Not only are we committed to our patients, but also to our employees. They are responsible for our success. To show our appreciation and recognize all their hard work and dedication, we host monthly activities and events, which has had an extremely positive impact on employee engagement and retention.”

“We are delighted to have Dr. Womack on our team and that we are able to provide our patients the orthopedic expertise and state-of-the art technology that rivals bigger city hospitals. Dr. Womack is at the top of his game and wants the best for his patients.”

James Womack, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

For more information on Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare and its provider, visit them at 1600 N. Second Street, Clinton, MO 64735; call 660.885.5511; or go online at gvmh.org