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Integrated Financial Solutions for High Net Worth Clients

At Arvest Bank, private banking clients enjoy professional expertise coupled with an authentic individual focus.

“Good banking is produced not by good laws, but by good bankers.” – Hartley Withers, prominent British financial journalist around the turn of the 19th century.

What is banking? Simply speaking, it is an industry that handles cash, credit and other financial transactions. Banks provide its clients with a place to store extra cash and credit. Banks typically offer a menu of products and services, including savings accounts, certificate of deposit, and checking accounts. In turn, banks rely on deposits to these accounts to make loans. Banking helps drive the economy of the United States.

But what is Private Banking? Well, imagine having the exclusive opportunity to establish a trusted and personal relationship with your own Private Banker who works with a team of experienced professionals in the management of all facets of your financial profile.

Arvest Bank: Your destination for premier Private Banking services.

For high-net-worth individuals, Private Banking and wealth management are key to maintaining the peace of mind that comes with keeping a steady finger on the pulse of your assets when you don’t necessarily have the time. Do you have a question about your money? With private banking services, you can get answers from someone you know and respect, someone who already knows and understands your specific situation. The trusted experts at Arvest Bank, one of the largest privately owned banks in the country, are dedicated to helping you enjoy your lifestyle today while planning and preparing for your tomorrow. Through its Private Banking services, clients enjoy a dedicated representative; the ability to connect with an exclusive network of specialists, personal attention and so much more.

“Private banking is a unique concierge approach to banking,” noted Shalea Walter, Vice President, Marketing Manager at Arvest Bank. “Our dedicated team works directly with our clients to form a strategy focused on specific goals. Through sophisticated planning and implementation, financial strategies are designed around the client’s hopes and dreams, while also helping to alleviate fears and concerns. We have experience crafting the simplest plan to the very complex, touching on all areas of wealth management.”

Private Banking and Wealth Management: what’s the difference?

With wealth management (note graphic below), the focus is typically on investments, portfolio management and other specific areas. Private Banking, however, involves a private banker who assists one-on-one with the customer with only their banking needs. However, at Arvest Bank, private banking clients can enjoy access to a team of Wealth Management specialists who have certifications, professional designations, unparalleled experience and expertise in financial advisory services including retirement and long-term planning. Services with Wealth Management include Trust Services, Investment Management and Insurance Brokerage Service. Arvest Bank understands the fast-paced lifestyle of its clients and is wholly committed to helping them access and manage their funds in the most effective and efficient manner possible for each client’s unique situation.

What type of services can I expect as a Private Banking client with Arvest Bank?

In addition to a full menu of products and services, you will have a dedicated banker, backed by a team of financial specialists, who will work to save you time while helping meet your specific needs and goals. From personal banking to business banking, you can be assured that your priorities will be handled with the concierge convenience and professionalism that our top clients deserve.

“Our team of concierge Private Bankers understands your fast-paced lifestyle and is joyfully committed to help you manage all of your banking and financial needs,” expressed Amy Morbeck, Private Banking Manager with Arvest Bank. “In addition to a full menu of products and exclusive services, you will have a dedicated Private Banker who is equipped to provide the highest quality of care. From personal banking to business banking, you can be assured your priorities will be handled with the concierge convenience of professionalism you desire.”

Among the Private Banking services are a single point-of-contact concierge banker, residential construction loans and customized wealth planning. For those developing or advancing a medical practice, business banking service include commercial deposit and time accounts; treasury management consultations and services; commercial lending; and equipment financing.

“Arvest Bank is excited to offer these unique products and services, establishing a long-standing relationship with the client,” expressed Walter.

Who are the ideal candidates for the Private Banking services at Arvest Bank?

Arvest Bank welcomes a variety of Private Banking clients who meet certain criteria.

“If you’re an established physician or just getting started in your medical career, we can coach and work with you,” explained Morbeck. Additionally, clients with $500,000 or greater of personal balances and services with the bank (and this can be through loans, savings or other accounts) is qualified for Private Banking.

The Private Banking specialists at Arvest Bank appreciate there is a business side to a physician’s professional life. Therefore, as a Private Banking client, a physician can enjoy having a Private Banker as part of his or her executive team, offering expert financial guidance and superior resources with just one phone call. The professional lifestyle of doctors is quite unique in that they work long hours and simply may not have the time to develop a relationship with a financial institution. Arvest Bank takes this stumbling block out of the equation and stands at the ready to become a doctor’s experienced financial partner in the health care arena. Arvest Bank can assist physicians in a variety of ways, including buying into a practice or a surgical center; acquiring a commercial mortgage or a practice mortgage; assisting with a residential home purchase; or even buying a new car. No matter the purchase or transaction, Arvest Bank is available.

“We can assist with all commercial and business needs,” noted Morbeck. We will meet them at work, at home, in the evenings, and are available to them when they need us. But most important, we truly love what we do and put our whole heart into every interaction.”

Each of Arvest Bank’s Private Bankers has a working knowledge of anything bank-related, is highly-educated and has a deep level of understanding of loans and how to handle the daily activities of banking. For these dedicated Kansas City bank professionals, this is more of a lifestyle than simply a career.

Arvest Bank downtown location at 13th and Grand.

At Arvest Bank, it’s not just about the services offered; it’s also about the unique and heartfelt delivery of those services.

“We operate with a servant’s heart,” emphasized Morbeck, whose team relies upon a steadfast platform of principles that are uniquely integrated to all elements of what they do. As a result, each interaction is heavily flavored with wisdom, persistence, love, optimism, care, authenticity, value, action, trustworthy guidance, and humor.

“We have a process to what we do,” said Morbeck. “We have a meaningful conversation with our clients once a quarter. We understand money touches our lives every single day, but it is rare to have the sound guidance our Private Bankers offer. We bring a lot of heart through our work. Finances play an integral role in our lives, and to have this level of trust, tender care and unwavering support has monumental value.”

But don’t just take Arvest Bank’s word for it…

By now it’s no secret Private Banking is the epitome of highly-personalized service for the discerning customer. For those who have yet to experience its benefits, some insight from those who have may just tip the proverbial scales.

“Clients tell us that they truly never knew how valuable it would be to have a Private Banker until they experienced the level of care they received,” reflected Morbeck.

Arvest Bank respects the value of its clients’ time and will deliver the financial resources they need when they need them no matter where they are.

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