Healing Hearts: A Journey of Recovery

Story by Ann E. Butenas

MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s Tailored Cardiac Rehab Programs

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital (MARH) stands as a pivotal sanctuary for cardiac rehabilitation. This exceptional facility transcends the traditional confines of medical treatment, offering a unique blend of advanced medical interventions and personalized care tailored to the needs of heart patients.

Morgan Davis OTR/L and Co-Champion of the Amputee Care Team

At MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital, the journey to cardiac recovery is more than a clinical pathway; it’s a comprehensive, compassionate, and customized approach to restoring health and vitality. Here, patients are not just treated; they are guided through a transformative journey to reclaim their lives, empowered by a team dedicated to pioneering cardiac rehabilitation. The hospital’s in-patient rehabilitation facility is especially renowned for its dedicated and experienced staff, including Morgan Davis, OTR/L and Co-Champion of the Amputee Care Team.

“MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s approach to cardiac rehabilitation is unique and holistic, catering to patients who are in the acute stages of recovery from a cardiac event or surgery,” noted Davis. “We recognize that each patient’s journey is personal and complex, often involving specific precautions such as limitations on lifting weight or arm movements.” As a result, these understandings shape the way MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital tailors its rehabilitation programs.

Davis, with her extensive experience in occupational therapy, plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Her method involves a detailed evaluation of each patient’s lifestyle, encompassing aspects like pet care, driving, household layout, and more. This personalized approach ensures that rehabilitation is not just about physical healing, but also about regaining independence and returning to everyday life.

A significant aspect of MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s program is the focus on activities of daily living. Simple tasks like using the toilet, grooming, and bathing take on new challenges post-cardiac event. Davis highlights the importance of addressing these challenges innovatively, such as teaching patients to sing while on the toilet to alleviate pressure on the chest. These small but impactful techniques are vital in easing the patients’ transition back to normalcy.

Education is another cornerstone of MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s rehabilitation process. Patients receive comprehensive information about their condition, especially if they have undergone heart repairs, internal suturing, or have suffered damage to the sternum. This knowledge empowers them to manage their recovery more effectively.
Understanding the mental health implications of such a life-altering event is also critical. MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital addresses the psychological aspects of recovery, acknowledging the changes in family dynamics, daily routines, and self-perception that patients often experience. Anxiety about returning home and adapting to new limitations is common, and MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital provides support to help patients navigate these challenges.

The age and prior cardiovascular health of patients are crucial factors in their recovery, as noted by Davis. MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s team, which also includes dietitians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychosocial support, case managers, nursing staff, respiratory therapists, and physicians. These professionals collaborate to provide a comprehensive care plan. This plan covers mental health, nutrition, fitness, and community resources, along with an exercise program for continued improvement at home.
Family involvement is highly encouraged, as well, as it enhances understanding and support during the rehabilitation process. According to Davis, the average stay at MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital is between 7 to 10 days. The hospital’s holistic approach to discharge protocols and its strong emphasis on continuity of care are supported through follow-ups with primary care providers, home health assistance, and outpatient support as needed to bridge any necessary gaps during this time.

Remarkably, patients often experience significant progress during their stay, advancing from a low mobility level to performing more strenuous activities. This transformation is a testament to MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s effective rehabilitation approach and the dedication of its staff. Of course, Davis indicated that it could take about six months to return to a patient’s former endurance and overall stamina levels.

One of the most rewarding aspects for Davis and her team is witnessing patients return months later, walking unaided and having regained that resilience and fortitude. MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital not only provides rehabilitation but also instills a sense of hope and encouragement, motivating patients to maintain their progress.
The comprehensive care at MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital extends beyond physical therapy to include weight loss and stress management, acknowledging that while genetics can play a role in heart health, cardiac events can occur unexpectedly. MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s programs are designed to put patients at ease, helping them focus on what is needed for a successful recovery.

MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital greatly exemplifies excellence in cardiac rehabilitation. Through personalized care, holistic treatment, and a dedicated team of professionals like Davis, MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital is changing lives, one heart at a time.

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