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These trusted medical professionals treat each patient with compassion, expert care, and dedication and have never met a patient who isn’t important to them.

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If your health and wellness is a priority to you, then you are cordially invited to visit any of the outstanding primary care providers within the Providence Medical Group (PMG) as your overall health and wellness is certainly a priority to them. PMG primary care board-certified physicians, clinicians and providers offer a comprehensive range of care, including but not limited to, pediatric, adult and geriatric care; preventative medicine; obstetrics and gynecology; minor procedures/surgery; physicals and annual wellness visits; vaccinations; and laboratory services.

There is good reason why this outstanding group of experienced and dedicated medical professionals are among the metro area’s stand outs in the primary care arena: because their chief concern is to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare in a convenient, compassionate and cost-effective manner. When you first meet these seasoned professionals, it becomes instantly clear that they have a passion for what they do and for the patients they treat. This is not just a career or even a calling; it is a lifestyle to which they have fully committed themselves. It is evident in the work they do and the manner by and through which they do that work. These experienced health care providers understand the importance of knowing the patient who has the disease more than simply what disease the patient has.

With each visit to the primary care medical professionals within PMG, patients will realize they are not just a number, but a whole person, one who is seen in mind, body and spirit. They will not just encounter brief dialogues with the doctors and medical staff, but more of an engaging and fulfilling conversation, one that leads to answers, solutions and a feeling of being understood and heard. The waiting rooms at each location are not only active, but also welcoming. People chat and make connections. A true sense of community and acceptance abounds. Many may know each other from other community points of interest. More than anything, though, there is this sense of family, this sense of belonging, that fosters a strong feeling of trust. After all, the primary care practitioners at PMG want their patients to feel safe, confident and above all, heard. These are not intimidating offices. Instead, they are quite comforting and reassuring. These are the medical providers about whom patients feel good referring to others and introducing to their entire family.

Providence Medical Group ~ Basehor

15604 Pinehurst Drive, Suite 2, Basehor, KS    |    913.728.2200

  • LeAnne DeTar Newbert, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Deborah J. Gammill, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Christina Coulson, FNP-C

A wise physician said, “The best medicine for humans is love.” Someone then asked, “And if it doesn’t work?”            The physician smiled and replied, “Increase the dose.”

Nestled in a cozy location on Pinehurst Drive, this primary care facility is the essence of calm and serene. The quiet and relaxing waiting room greets patients with a sense of familiarity, trust and   compassion. The desire here is to make patients feel welcome and at home. In fact, even patients in the waiting room who might not even know one another feel at ease in conversation with one another. Consider the waiting room more of a family room and your health care providers here as trusted advisors, interested counselors and partners in your health. Driven by a deep sense of loving spirituality, the clinicians at this office focus on the individual as a whole –– mind, body and spirit –– as they understand no single part can effectively operate or function without balance with the other two parts.

A practicing physician since 1987, LeAnne DeTar Newbert, M.D., understands people are more than just their bodies.

“They have spiritual questions about their health and their lives and are interested in integrated care,” she noted.

Left to right: Deborah J. Gammill, M.D., Christina Coulson, FNP and LeAnne DeTar Newbert, M.D.

As such, patients are introduced to that component of care from the moment they walk into the office. Faith-based literature is available to read, and various Biblical scriptures and references adorn the walls. “Soli Deo Gloria” is scribed on a prominent wall next to the reception desk, which translates to “Glory to God Alone.”

“God has called us to work here, and we all share the same spiritual emphasis,” said Dr. DeTar Newbert. “If a patient asks for prayer, we do that for them. We are believers first and medicine is our tool; it’s what we practice.”

That same trusted and welcoming presence is routinely delivered with loving and open arms to everyone these specialists touch.

“Our patients are like family to us,” stated Deborah Gammill, M.D., who has been practicing medicine since 1998. “We have cared for multiple generations of families, and so we feel like we are also a part of their families.” Along with Dr. DeTar Newbert, she has volunteered her time on various medical mission trips over the years.

Christina Coulson, FNP, also an athlete and Army Reservist, enjoys the small town feeling of community in this practice.

“I like getting to know the patients,” she expressed, also emphasizing her passion for educating them on fitness and health, encouraging them to embrace active lifestyles and proper nutrition.

Making sure their patients feel as if they have been heard is what motivates this team.

“If we give them a chance to speak and listen to them, they will tell us what is wrong with them,” explained Dr. DeTar Newbert. “When they leave our office, we hope they feel as if they have been heard.”

Residents within the neighboring communities, Drs. DeTar Newbert and Gammill work part-time, while Coulson works full-time ensuring patients always have access to premium medical care. With continued growth and interest within the community, the providers plan to expand the office space and hours in 2019 to accommodate more patients.

A relaxed patient waiting to be called in for her appointment summed up her feelings about this practice with one brief, yet heartfelt, statement.

“I appreciate that they listen to me here,” she smiled.

Providence Medical Group ~ Bonner Springs

913 Sheidley, Bonner Springs, KS 66012    |    913.322.7222

  • Stephen Thies, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Ann Kurtz, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Sandra Suderman, FNP-C

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” ~ Hippocrates

This group of practitioners treats people of all ages and often works with entire families. The best part? They don’t rush their patients. Their goal is to get to know them in order to offer the best care, working to make sure each patient leaves the office with exactly what they need.

In practice for 20 years now, Stephen Thies, M.D., the lead physician at the Bonner Springs office, enjoys focusing his efforts on preventative care for his patients, especially with the aging population, which he has discovered is a time when more people realize the need to take better care of themselves. Dr. Thies does not mind taking the time to ask intentional questions of his patients in an effort to better understand them, their needs and what they are searching for.

Left to right: Sandra Suderman, FNP, Stephen Thies, M.D. and Ann Kurtz, M.D.

“That way, we can come up with a plan to address their concerns and develop a strategy,” he indicated. “You have to understand where people are and work with them from there to create those steps to follow.”

Dr. Thies was a graduate student in philosophy and taught college students for three years before going to medical school. He credits his liberal arts education for an enhanced perspective on patient care and the human condition.

A mom of four kids, ages 11, nine, seven and five, Ann Kurtz, M.D., has been practicing medicine for 10 years. A Kansas City native and graduate of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, she chose primary care as her specialty because she enjoys the variety of patients she sees and the cases she treats. She especially enjoys working with patients to obtain the best course of treatment for each one.

“I like to take my time with patients and get to know them and what is going on in their overall lives, as that can affect what is going on with them physically,” she expressed.

Dr. Kurtz does not want the medical office environment to be one of intimidation or anxiety, either.

Stephen Thies, M.D., with patient at Providence Medical Group in Bonner Springs

“I like people to have a place that will provide actual steps to follow towards improving their health,” she indicated. “I love it when people succeed, such as losing weight or getting to the point where they no longer need medications. Our hope for each patient is that they leave this office with what they need to succeed.”

Sandy Suderman, FNP, earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Kansas and has been a Nurse Practitioner for 21 years and with this office for 16 of those years. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does never wavers, and her welcoming and calming presence is what naturally draws patients to her. Her lifelong desire to help others is what has made her a trusted caregiver among her patients. She also appreciates how much her patients have inspired her own personal growth.

“They have taught me compassion, as some of them have gone through tremendous difficulties,” she reflected. She also enjoys the educational component of her job, helping patients understand what is going on with them and encouraging them to do their own research.

PMG Family Medical Group ~ Kansas City

8101 Parallel Parkway, Suite 100, Kansas City, KS    |    913.299.9200

PMG Family Medical Group ~ South

1150 N. 75th Place, Suite 200, Kansas City, KS    |    913.299.2100

  • Michael Parra, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Peggy Killam, M.D., Board-Certified
  • W. Russell King, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Mistee Allen, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Terry Simmons, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Kim Losik, APRN-C
  • Andrea Scott, APRN-C
  • Tracy Hoelting, PA-C

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient.” ~ William Osler

Left to right: Kim Losik, APRN, Peggy Killam, M.D., W. Russell King, M.D., Mistee Allen, M.D. and Michael Parra, M.D.

The waiting room is busy and active on this typical Wednesday afternoon. However, there is no feeling of irritability or stress, and the flow of traffic to and from examination rooms appears relatively smooth and seamless. Thanks to the talented staff and    support team at Family Medical Group, patients are given top priority, never rushed and always encouraged to have an honest dialogue with the health care providers attending to them, as passion and dedication to their craft is the common denominator among this select group of clinicians. Offering a full spectrum of care, a few of the doctors in this practice follow their patients to Providence Medical Center, including Dr. Michael Parra, Dr. W. Russell King, Dr. Peggy Killam, and Dr. Mistee Allen. Drs. Parra and Allen also deliver babies at Providence Medical Center. In addition, Drs. Parra, Simmons, King and Allen provide care at Providence Place, skilled nursing and rehabilitative care center.

“I enjoy working in primary care because it allows me to do a bit of everything and keeps things interesting,” noted Mistee Allen, M.D., whose passion is working with women, babies and children. As a primary care provider, Dr. Allen also specializes in obstetrics. A mom of three and a fitness enthusiast, Dr. Allen can relate to her patients and has a decided passion for educating her patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  When not tending to patient care, Dr. Allen serves in the National Guard, as a brigade surgeon and in charge of medical operations.

Michael Parra, M.D.

With strong roots in this community, Michael Parra, M.D., referred to as the founding patriarch of this clinic, learned a lot about medicine growing up by watching his father, who was also a primary care physician, and by ultimately working with him for five years before establishing this practice.

“I was bred to do this,” he mused, noting he treats patients of all ages. Referring to the “cradle to grave” concept, he often treats multiple generations of families. “I like getting to know people over the years and simply trying to be of help to them.”

W. Russell King, M.D., one of the practice’s original founders has found his calling with primary care, as it speaks to his penchant to resolve issues.

“I like to figure out what is wrong, and I do that by listening thoroughly to each patient,” he noted.

Just like his colleagues, Dr. King has a true heart of service, and to that end is responsible for the community garden that resides across the parking lot and is sponsored by the Rotary Club. From this garden, roughly 2,000 pounds of fresh vegetables are donated to Cross-Lines Community Outreach, a social services organization, each season. This garden is truly reflective of Dr. King’s desire to help his patients become and remain healthy.

“The main thing I want for our patients is for them to understand their health and how to improve it,” he said.

Mistee Allen, M.D.

Prior to coming to Family Medical Group, Peggy Killam, M.D., was a social worker at Bethany Medical Center. For Dr. Killam, kindness and compassion are genuine instincts. For her, it’s not just about  delivering medical care, but also about creating long-term relationships.

“I find it rewarding to get to know the patients and go through their journeys with them,” she reflected. “It’s nice to get to know them. We help people deal with the real stuff in life.”

For Terry Simmons, M.D., coming to work is something to which he clearly looks forward. He has been practicing at Family Medical Group since 2004, becoming a member of the practice in 2006.

“I like the opportunity to see the variety of everything and to work with people of all ages,” he emphasized. “I enjoy building a relationship with each patient.”

Left to right: Kim Losik, APRN, and Terry Simmons, M.D.

Dr. Simmons is a strong proponent of creating a partnership with his patients, and to that end understands the importance of making sure patients not only feel better when they leave their appointment but that they also acquire a better understanding of what is going on with them.

“If they understand what’s going on, they are more likely to follow through with the care we provide them and as a result, we are also more likely to obtain input from them as to what they think will work best for them,” Dr. Simmons encouraged.

Working alongside the physicians is Kim Losik, APRN. This Nurse Practitioner brings a wealth of experience to the team and has a strong focus on treating the whole person. With a background in sports medicine, Losik also has athletic training experience and has been a charge nurse in orthopedics.

“I am both a people person and a problem solver,” she smiled, adding she has specialty training in adult gerontology.

Providence Medical Group ~ Leavenworth-Lansing

3500 South 4th Street, Suite 200, Lansing, KS 66048    |    913.680.6442

  • Galen Seymour, M.D., Board-Certified
  • Diane Jackson, FNP-C
  • Jarod Marcotte, PA-C
  • Angela Resch, PA-C

“Only the healing art enables one to make a name for himself and at the same time give benefit to others.” 

This practice recently relocated to a brand new office space within the Saint John Pavilion, and, like the other PMG practices, offers the same comprehensive menu of services provided by health care professionals who will never waver from providing the expert and attentive care each patient deserves.

Left to right: Jarod Marcotte, PA, Angela Resch, PA, Galen Seymour, M.D. and Diane Jackson, FNP

At the helm of the practice is Galen Seymour, M.D., who spent several years working as the only physician in the town of Horton, Kan., serving about 2,000 residents there. That experience allowed him to thoroughly grow his medical expertise and further enhanced his love of treating patients in the primary care arena. Board-certified in family medicine, Dr. Seymour sees patients of all ages and treats a wide range of medical conditions.

“In primary care, some days are simply routine, but in some cases, you are required to do a bit of investigative work which can lead you to provide a diagnosis that might save that person’s life,” he pondered. “I am grateful for what I learned working in Horton and can apply all of that to what I do now. This is the culmination of what I have put into my medical career and in the end, it is all about taking care of people.”

Dr. Seymour takes his passion for medicine to heart and sees himself as a strong ally for his patients.

“I like being the entry-way into medicine for my patients,” he explained. “There may be times when a patient needs to be evaluated by a specialty provider. As a primary care physician, I can send that person in the right direction and become that person’s advocate.”

Galen Seymour, M.D. 

Prior to joining the Leavenworth-Lansing office, Dr. Seymour served as the Chief of Staff and Medical Director of Horton Rural Health Clinic, Tri-County Manor Nursing Home and Northeast Kansas Home Health and Hospice. He also served as regional medical director for St. Jude’s Hospice.

It truly is no secret that when you partner your health care needs with the outstanding group of primary care physicians of PMG, you have the opportunity to ensure your health and wellness will always be at top of mind of these dedicated, talented and experienced providers. Their hope is that patients come into their offices with the confidence of knowing they have chosen some of the best clinicians in the industry and that they leave their offices with the knowledge and understanding that their overall care is headed in the right direction.

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