Team-Based Wound Care Approach

Story by Ann E. Butenas

Unveiling the Wound Care Program at MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital

In healthcare, specialized care is crucial for patients facing various challenges. MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital, located in Overland Park, Kansas, stands out as a beacon of excellence in providing comprehensive wound care for its patients. The hospital’s dedicated wound care program promotes an exceptional approach to ensuring patient well-being at all levels.

Betsy Wilson, PT, CWS, Wound Care Coordinator: The Wound Care Expert

Betsy Wilson, a seasoned Physical Therapist with over 30 years of experience, serves as the Wound Care Coordinator at MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital. Her role is pivotal in overseeing the wound care program, which caters to patients with various needs, including post-surgical care, skin integrity issues, overall skin care, and wound prevention. Wilson’s commitment to her patients is reflected in her extensive experience; she has been in Wound Care her entire career and became certified in Wound Care in 2020.

One key aspect that makes Wilson’s work genuinely remarkable is her dedication to educating patients. She helps them understand the importance of skin care and empowers them with knowledge about hygiene practices and preventive measures. She aims to ensure patients are well-prepared to continue their skincare journey after leaving the hospital.

 The Multidisciplinary Team Approach at MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital

MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital operates with a multi-disciplinary team approach to patient care. In addition to Wilson, this team includes an infection control specialist, a wound care nurse, staff nursing, therapy staff, and nutrition support. This collaborative effort ensures that every patient receives comprehensive care that addresses their unique needs.

“Everybody has skin,” Wilson emphasized. “We help our patients with care and hygiene. We also teach them how to maintain skin integrity and avoid skin breakdown.”

The Importance of Skin Health

Skin serves as the body’s largest organ and can reveal crucial information about a person’s overall health. According to Wilson, changes in the skin can often be the first signs of underlying health issues. For instance, pale and cold skin may indicate anemia, while hot and red skin could indicate infection. Changes in the nail bed’s color can also suggest internal problems.

Wilson and her team play a vital role in educating patients about the connection between skin health and various medical conditions.

For diabetic and neuropathic patients, for example, understanding how impaired sensation and blood flow can lead to skin breakdown as well as impede healing. Patients are taught to perform regular skin checks to catch any issues early on.

Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment

Upon admission to MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital, Wilson conducts a thorough assessment of each patient’s skin and wounds. This assessment continues throughout the patient’s stay, with ongoing monitoring and adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Sometimes, a wound physician may be consulted to ensure the best possible care.

Wilson also highlighted the role of nutrition in maintaining skin health.

“Proper nutrition not only supports the heart but also affects circulation, which, in turn, influences skin integrity,” she said.

The hospital’s nutrition support team collaborates with Wilson and her colleagues to address this critical aspect of patient care.

Managing Pain and Facilitating Healing

Patients with wounds often experience pain, which can be managed through various methods. Wilson and her team are dedicated to ensuring patients are as comfortable as possible during their healing process. Proper wound care, including keeping the wound clean, and changing dressings as needed, is essential to facilitate healing.

Wilson indicated that silicon-based products are gentle on the skin and provide an added layer of protection when dressings are used. Patients and their families are educated on how to perform wound care at home, including the proper techniques for changing dressings.

Preventive Care at the Forefront

What sets MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital apart is its unwavering commitment to preventive care. From the moment a patient enters the hospital, the focus is on accurate skin assessment and preventing issues before they arise. The hospital operates on a team-based approach to care, ensuring that all departments work together seamlessly to promote positive outcomes for patients.

MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital’s wound care program, under the leadership of Wilson, stands as a testament to the hospital’s dedication to patient well-being. With a focus on education, comprehensive assessment, and a multidisciplinary approach, the hospital ensures every patient receives the best possible care for their skin health.

As Wilson noted, “We don’t just treat wounds; we empower patients to take control of their skin health and overall well-being.”

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