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Offering High Net Worth Individuals High Quality Integrated Financial Solutions

With its unique Private Banking services, Arvest Bank focuses on addressing the entire Financial portfolio of each individual client.


For high-net-worth individuals, Private Banking and wealth management are key to maintaining the peace of mind that comes with keeping a steady finger on the pulse of your assets when you don’t necessarily have the time. Do you have a question about your money? With Private Banking services, you can get answers from someone you know and respect, someone who already knows and understands your specific situation. The trusted experts at Arvest Bank, the largest privately owned bank in the country, are dedicated to helping you enjoy your lifestyle today while planning and preparing for your tomorrow. Through its Private Banking services, clients enjoy a dedicated representative, the ability to connect with an exclusive network of specialists, personal attention and so much more.

“Private Banking is a unique concierge approach to banking,” noted Lori Funk, Private Banking Manager at Arvest Bank. “Our dedicated team works directly with our clients to form a strategy focused on specific goals. Through sophisticated planning and implementation, financial strategies are designed around the client’s hopes and dreams, while also helping to alleviate fears and concerns. We have experience crafting the simplest plan to the very complex, touching on all areas of wealth management.”

Arvest Private Banking Team in Greater Kansas City
Standing L to R: Matt Dobbins, Private Banking Specialist; Jessica Freeman, Private Banking Advisor; Phil Bennett, Private Banking Advisor; Justin Simpson, Private Banking Specialist Seated L to R: Kenton McNeill, Senior Private Banker; Lori Funk, Private Banking Manager; Jeff Wilcox, Private Banker

Learning While Earning

Ben Franklin was once quoted as saying, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” At Arvest Bank, the focus for the client is not only on taking care of the money the clients makes, but also on providing continued education and sound advice as to how to safeguard and grow their financial portfolio.

“We are passionate about giving doctors general financial education,” emphasized Lori Funk, Private Banking Manager at Arvest Bank, who, along with her specialized team, provides guidance and insight on a wide range of topics, such as the components of a credit score, how to obtain a first mortgage, setting up 529 education funds, and developing sound retirement plans.

“While physicians are clearly highly educated, their studies are focused in medicine, as they should be. Financial education and knowledge of available resources in running a business can sometimes take the backseat.” explained Funk. “Even those who are not going to establish their own business will still have wealth coming in and possibly not know how to effectively deal with it. It can be overwhelming and it’s our job to set them up for the best future imaginable.”

Growing Your Money on Your Terms and on Your Time

Physicians are known for having demanding schedules, so taking time out of the day to conduct banking matters is not something that can easily be squeezed into the daily agenda. Arvest Bank appreciates this, and eagerly steps in to alleviate that burden.

“We understand the hectic schedules of physicians, so we make it easy on them.” expressed Funk. “We will meet them when and where we are needed and are available to our clients seven days a week.”

This personal service lends itself not only to convenience, but also peace of mind. If a client has a banking issue to conduct, Arvest Bank takes the stress out of the equation.

“If you need us to make a deposit for you, we will come pick that up,” stated Funk. “If you are scheduled for a loan closing but can’t step away from the office, we will come to you. We try to make our clients’ financial lives as easy as possible.”

Arvest Wealth Management Team in Greater Kansas City
L to R: Eric Secker, Regional Manager; Chris Sheridan, Client Advisor; Andy Goos, Client Advisor; Brad Culver, Retirement Plan Advisor; and Brett Larson, Trust Wealth Advisor.

Private Banking is not just an account; it is a service.

“We pride ourselves in ‘wowing’ our clients,” expressed Funk. “We personalize our approach and customize a plan for each client. We also form partnerships with our wealth management team, mortgage and commercial lenders, for example, so that no matter what the clients need, they are well taken care of.”

Private Banking Accomplished Through Proactive Service and a Complete Menu of Private Banking Services

“We can often see our clients’ needs before they do,” stated Funk. “When you’re able to step back and look at the entire picture, issues on the horizon can become clearer and we can often catch those blind spots before they even get here. That is what sets this team apart. We are not just fulfilling clients’ requests; we are proactive, finding solutions for them before they even realize they need the help.”

Among the Private Banking services are a single point-of-contact concierge banker, residential construction loans and customized wealth planning. For those developing or advancing a medical practice, business banking services include commercial deposit and time accounts; treasury management consultations and services; commercial lending; and equipment financing.

“Our team of concierge Private Bankers understands a physician’s fast-paced lifestyle and is joyfully committed to helping them manage all banking and financial needs,” expressed Funk.

With wealth management, the focus is typically on investments, portfolio management and other specific areas. Private Banking, however, involves a private banker who assists one-on-one with the customers banking needs. At Arvest Bank, Private Banking clients can enjoy access to a team of Arvest Wealth Management advisors who have certifications, professional designations, unparalleled experience and expertise in financial advisory services including retirement and long-term planning. Services with Wealth Management include Trust Services, Investment Management and Insurance Brokerage Service. Arvest understands the fast-paced lifestyle of its clients and is wholly committed to helping them access and manage their funds in the most effective and efficient manner possible for each client’s unique situation.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for the Private Banking Services at Arvest Bank?

Arvest Bank welcomes a variety of Private Banking clients who meet certain criteria. Established physicians or those just getting started in their medical career are invited to discover the benefits of Private Banking. Retired physicians are also ideal candidates for this unique service, as they are now facing a new financial chapter in life. Additionally, any client who has an aggregate of $500,000 or more with the bank (and this can be through loans, savings or other accounts) may be qualified for Private Banking. Each of Arvest Bank’s Private Bankers has a working knowledge of anything bank-related, is highly-educated and has a deep level of understanding of loans and how to handle the daily activities of banking.

The Private Banking specialists at Arvest Bank appreciate there is a business side to a physician’s professional life. Therefore, as a Private Banking client, a physician can enjoy having a Private Banker as part of his or her executive team, offering financial guidance and superior resources with just one phone call. The professional lifestyle of doctors is quite unique in that they work long hours and simply may not have the time to develop a relationship with a financial institution. Arvest Bank takes this stumbling block out of the equation and stands at the ready to become a doctor’s experienced financial partner in the health care arena. Arvest Bank can assist physicians in a variety of ways, including buying into a practice or a surgical center; acquiring a commercial mortgage or a practice mortgage; assisting with a residential home purchase; or even buying a new car. No matter the purchase or transaction, Arvest Bank is always available.

The Private Bankers at Arvest Bank truly enjoy what they do, putting their whole heart into every interaction. Clients can expect each touchpoint with their Private Banker to be inspired by wisdom, persistence, love, optimism, care, authenticity, value, action, trustworthy guidance and humor.

“Our goal is to have a meaningful conversation with our clients once a month,” said Funk, who works alongside a dynamic team that truly love what they do. “Finances play an integral role in our lives, and to have this level of trust, tender care and unwavering support has monumental value.”

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