Dr. Brandon James, DDS


Keeping Your Smile in Style

From restoration treatments to smile makeovers, this experienced prosthodontist specializes in delivering a beautiful quality of life.


The famed American children’s author Dr. Seuss knew what he was talking about when he suggested, “Teeth are always in style.” There is significant truth in that sentiment. Our teeth are an integral part of our smile, and it is our smile that allows us to put our best face forward. However, sometimes our smile may need a bit of help, especially when it comes to our teeth. Fortunately, there is a dental specialist upon whom you can call to help you get your smile back on track: Dr. Brandon A. James, DDS, Kansas City’s top-rated prosthodontic specialist.

Prosthodontist? That word is a mouthful and it definitely lives up to its name. A dental specialty recognized by the American Dental Association, prosthodontics focuses primarily on the restoration and replacement of damaged or lost teeth. One might easily refer to such a specialist as an architect/artist of the mouth. In layman’s terms, if something needs to be replaced in your mouth – whether one tooth, a few teeth or all of the teeth – a prosthodontist is the go-to expert.

With his advanced training and expertise, Dr. James utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, techniques and procedures to complete complex dental conditions to restore not only the optimum in function but also in esthetics. Located at 12541 Foster Street, Suite 330 in the Southridge Medical Offices building in Overland Park, Kansas, the practice of Dr. James is dedicated to prosthodontic care, keeping quality, comfort, longevity and value at top of mind.

“A prosthetic dentist is truly a specialist in complex dentistry,” noted Dr. James, who received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2005 from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. James subsequently completed an advanced graduate program, earning his certificate in Graduate Prosthodontics from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio three years later. After he completed his training, which included countless hours of clinical work, Dr. James relocated to the Kansas City area where he began his private practice in Overland Park.

While pursuing his undergraduate career, Dr. James worked as a technician in a dental lab, giving him a solid foundation upon which to build his impressive career. The level of expertise, knowledge and training Dr. James brings to the table has gained him the respect not only of the dental community and his peers, but also of his patients. Dr. James is highly trained in the treatment and diagnosis of all aspects of prosthetic dentistry and stands as one of the most experienced and respected practitioners in the metro area.

Among the services Dr. James offers include dental implant surgery, complete dentures, implant retained or supported complete dentures, implant retained crowns and bridges, implant retained full arch fixed bridges, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and complex multidisciplinary treatments. Dr. James and his experienced team work across the patient spectrum, from the teenager with congenitally missing teeth to the tooth grinder who has worn down all of his or her teeth to the older individuals who want that great smile when they walk their daughter down the aisle or attend that 50th high school reunion.

Dr. James also offers full mouth implants in just one day (“All on 4” “Teeth in a Day”), and his office has performed more cases in the Kansas City area second to Clear Choice. Dr. James understands the fear surrounding dentures in that many people think they will feel loose in the mouth or may fall out while eating. Dental implants give patients the confidence they need just as if the implants were their natural teeth.

When a regular dentist has a patient with issues that are deemed beyond his scope of ability, that patient will often be referred to Dr. James. Whatever the reason, Dr. James truly desires to help. For him, it is not just about dental marketing and selling teeth and creating a beautiful and healthy smile. Dr. James and his highly skilled staff care for patients with a compassionate and understanding approach. True professionals in their field, they fully respect and support each patient, creating a welcoming, comforting and trusted environment. He and his team will simply sit and listen to each patient to understand what is important to them regarding their dental needs, providing the safest and best care possible.

“This is a quality of life issue,” Dr. James reflected. “We want to know your why. That is our mission. We know you have teeth issues. This is not just a dental visit. We help patients get back to living the life they desire and deserve. We don’t want your teeth to hold you back. And if there is fear of pain involved, we don’t want to let that stop you. We have ways to help manage and overcome that issue.”

As a prosthodontist specialist, Dr. James often works closely with dental laboratories as part of the overall plan for his patients.

“We have the luxury of working with some of the finest lab technicians in the world who produce customized works of art,” indicated Dr. James.

It is these technicians who create lifelike restorations using the latest technologies and the best in long-lasting materials. As a result, Dr. James can effectively treat some of the most challenging dental issues. He not only carries out detailed procedures, he also designs each step of the dental restoration to ensure the work is done fully according to plan.

“Today’s technologies definitely make it easier for us,” he noted. “Patients can get the most customized, high-end results as possible. Prosthetics has the ability to change lives more than any other realm of dentistry, changing a patient’s whole being through a smile. You can make a world of difference and a life-altering change.”

Dr. James is not only dedicated to being of service to his patients; he routinely gives of his time and talents to giving back to the community. He has donated denture services to war veterans and provides pro bono dental services through the Veterans Administration many times a year.

In addition to overseeing his practice, Dr. James remains active in the professional community and is a member of numerous organizations and is also a respected lecturer to dentists around the country who are specializing in this advanced field of dentistry. Further, he is the President for the state of Kansas section of the American College of Prosthodontists for the 2018-2020 term. Dr. James also enjoys time with his wife Berkley and their two sons, Grayson and Graham.

12541 Foster St., Ste. 330, Overland Park, KS 66213
Located in the Southridge Medical Building