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The success of KCHRI and its patients’ outcomes rests in one simple philosophy: Patient First; Patient Next; Patient Last

Cover photo: front row: Scott Koerber, D.O. and Chandrasekhar Vasamreddy, M.D. Back row: Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, M.D., Rangarao V Tummala, M.D., Yoaav Krauthammer, M.D., Alap Shah, M.D., Rakesh Gopinathannair, M.D., and Peter H Park, M.D.


Many of us take for granted a heartbeat that’s regular – until it’s not.

Chest flutters, a racing, pounding heart or skipping heartbeats can certainly give us cause for alarm and if persistent, could signal an abnormal heart rhythm, or arrythmia. Arrythmias, which impact millions of Americans, occur when the body’s electrical impulses meant to coordinate the heartbeats don’t work correctly. There are many types of arrythmias that can affect different parts of the heart, causing it to beat irregularly, too fast or too slow. Any type of arrythmia can be dangerous if left untreated, potentially leading to heart disease, stroke and other complications, so symptoms should always be checked out by your doctor.

Fortunately for those of us in the Kansas City metro area, a world-class arrythmia center is located right in our community. The Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute (KCHRI) part of the HCA Midwest Health Heart and Vascular Institute, offers an unmatched level of care for those with heart rhythm issues. From world-renowned experts to state of-the-art technology, and pioneering clinical research to innovative patient education and personalized treatment, KCHRI is an exceptional care resource…in the heart of our community.

Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute uses the most advanced technology available to treat your heart resulting in optimal long term outcomes.

When it’s time for a heart-to-heart with a world-class specialist…

KCHRI was established in 2018 with one goal – to deliver world-class, comprehensive, and personalized diagnoses and treatment for arrythmia patients in a way that was convenient and easily accessible.

Led by Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MD, FACC, FHRS, an internationally renowned leader in electrophysiology research and education, the Institute has assembled a team of pioneering electrophysiologists – board-certified heart rhythm specialists advancing their field through exceptional patient care, research and education leadership. The Institute has strong research, and educational collaboration with Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute, Harvard University, University of California – Los Angeles and San Francisco, Stanford University and many top leaders in China, Japan, Europe, South America and other locations around the globe.

“We have created a very unique organization from the ground up, backed by the strength of HCA Midwest Health,” expressed Dr. Lakkireddy. “Our focus is to serve metro Kansas City with an advanced and sophisticated level of arrhythmia care not typically available in the region. Not only do we have access to the most progressive treatments for patients, but we also serve the educational needs of doctors, residents, fellows, and nurses.”

Smart board technology can allow us to illustrate and educate patients on their diagnosis.

What does that mean for us?

Faster, greater access to specialists, with shorter wait times for appointments. The goal is to enable patients to be seen by a specialist within one week of calling. With multiple locations in the Kansas City area, KCHRI offers patients the option of specialty care close to home.

“Our team provides comprehensive care, even for those patients with rare arrhythmia conditions that one might typically go out of town to seek care for,” noted Dr. Lakkireddy. “We are growing quickly and are becoming the center patients choose for advanced arrhythmia care in the area. We are the destination for complex arrhythmia care for the greater Midwest.”

Advanced Technology in the Hands of Experts

The Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute offers the most advanced cardiac electrophysiology lab in the region at its Overland Park Regional Medical Center location. The resources allow specialists to develop comprehensive and individualized treatment plans that leverage cutting-edge technologies in the safest way to ensure the best possible outcomes.

“Technology is only a tool, unless it’s in the hands of an expert,” Dr. Lakkireddy stresses. “Our team is up to date on the latest procedural techniques and technology can offer and we put it to good use for our patients.”

The KCHRI support staff help with our team approach to world-class care for you and you loved ones.

Physicians at KCHRI diagnose and treat every type of arrythmia from tachycardia or bradycardia to atrial fibrillation or afib and atrial flutter, and less common conditions such as congenital heart arrhythmias and complex ventricular tachycardias. The Institute offers a wide range of advanced therapies including but not limited to, cardiac devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, leadless cardiac devices, the complex left atrial appendage closureprocedure and the region’s most advanced robotic catheter ablation system for treating arrythmias. This breakthrough procedure improves success rates and decreases procedure time, radiation exposure and complications.

“We are one of the first in the region to have the robotic catheter navigation system,” Dr. Lakkireddy said. “This robotic system allows the physician to easily move a catheter to see all the nooks and crannies of the heart and determine the best treatment option. It’s an excellent tool for young patients with small hearts that have less room to navigate or for patients with congenital heart disease who don’t have the cardiovascular anatomy you might see in a typical patient.”

Technology also plays a role in the patient experience with tools like smart boards that allow physicians to illustrate and explain complex conditions and concepts in a way that is simple to understand. When a patient understands his or her condition more thoroughly, it can lead to better outcomes.

KCHRI currently has three clinics as well as four outreach locations. Electrophysiology services are available at Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Mo., Menorah Medical Center and Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Johnson County, Kan., and Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Mo. Pediatric arrhythmia care is offered at the Pediatric Specialty Clinic at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

Local presence, global reputation

Committed to staying at the forefront of their field and offering the latest treatments for patients, KCHRI plays an integral research and education leadership role not only locally and regionally, but nationally and internationally.

The Institute organizes four major conferences each year, including The Annual KC Heart Rhythm Symposium (KCHRS), where hundreds of professionals from across the country gather to discuss and collaborate on the latest developments in arrhythmia science. The Institute also hosts an international conference which attracts specialists from around the world, and hosts its own symposium specifically on the left atrial appendage management in stroke and arrhythmia prevention. The specialists of KCHRI serve as peer reviewers for professional publications and are avid researchers. At any given point, the organization has about 20 large clinical studies and 40-50 investigative clinical studies occurring. This means area arrythmia patients have fast and easy access to research trials with the latest treatment options.

“Thanks to our expanding insights into disease mechanism and technological evolutions, and our ability to research and learn, our therapeutic capabilities have far reaching impact now,” expressed Dr. Lakkireddy. “Years ago, there were not many cures for heart rhythm disorders, but in less than two decades’ time, we have changed that conversation. Staying current and active in research is a priority for us in that it allows us to offer patients in our communities access to cutting-edge therapies.”

Come visit the Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute at our 5100 W 110th St., Overland Park location.

The Institute offers education opportunities for educating physicians and specialists, serving as a training site for electrophysiologists and soon launching its program to train future electrophysiologists. KCHRI was recognized for its continued work in the field of science in 2019, and in April of this year, the American College of Cardiology will recognize Dr. Lakkireddy and KCHRI with Outstanding Service Award in Cardiovascular Diseases.

“The future holds tremendous opportunities to expand our services and be more accessible to more people,” emphasized Dr. Lakkireddy. “We want KCHRI to be synonymous with world class arrhythmia care. We are getting there and want people to realize we are right here in their neighborhood. We believe KCHRI is the perfect amalgamation of top research and friendly local doctors.”

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