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If you desire to be balanced and feel better, Advanced Hormone Therapy & Aesthetics (AHTA) in Kansas City  is ready to guide you to a new you.

Story by Ann Butenas

Because your body is your most priceless possession, you owe it to yourself to take care of it. While you may not be able to put your body back to the age of 20 again, you can restore it to a point that makes you feel alive, well, and in control. And it all begins with a look into your hormones.

The hormones within your body regulate most of the functions within your body. They allow for communication between cells and basically oversee everything from digestion, appetite, immune function, sex drive and mood. Once those hormones get out of whack, internal chaos can erupt. A drop in hormones or hormone imbalance can affect both women and men, and its various signs may include constant fatigue, weight gain, loss of muscle, brain fog, sleep disruption, mood swings, irritability, decreased sex drive, acne, night sweats, sore joints, and depression.

If you have been struggling with any, all, or a combination therein of these symptoms, it may be time to seek out professional medical help from a doctor who specializes in hormone therapy to get your body and mind back on track. If you want to look and feel your best, there is a new clinic in Kansas City that provides hormone therapy and a complementary menu of aesthetics.

As owner and founder of Advanced Hormone Therapy & Aesthetics, Dr. Katie Sutton understands what it means to feel a bit run down, imbalanced, and off track. Along with her team of dedicated specialists, Dr. Sutton can help you navigate the steps to restoring that balance you deserve while making you feel healthier and better overall. From hormone treatments for both men and women to premier aesthetic treatments, the overall focus is on your wellness, and it all begins with that first step.

Retracing her steps

Raised in Manhattan, Kansas, Dr. Sutton, who is a board-certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and specializes in hormone therapy for men and women, earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from Kansas State University and then began medical school at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She was subsequently accepted into the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences OBGYN residency program where she was elected as the Senior resident during her fourth year and was on the residency interview committee and review board. After graduating in 2010, Dr. Sutton went on to practice as an OBGYN at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas and was a volunteer faculty member for the University of Kansas OBGYN residency program and served on the residency interview committee.

After five years in practice in Wichita, Dr. Sutton took a position back in her hometown of Manhattan where she practiced as a private OBGYN for nearly five years. It was during this time she began to see patients with a variety of concerns that were indicative of hormone imbalance. As she saw more and more patients with these concerns she realized a need for care specializing and focusing on optimizing each patient’s health and wellness through specific blood tests, monitoring, and personalized hormone management. She understands each individual is unique and that hormonal balance is achieved by meeting these specific needs.

A re-sparked interest in hormones leads to an exciting new chapter in life

A busy working mom of two girls and wife to husband James, Dr. Sutton has personally walked the path that was cluttered with a variety of stumbling blocks that prevented her from meeting her desired health and wellness goals. Even when doing all she could to optimize her health, some issues just would not resolve, such as that dreaded belly “pooch” and constant fatigue. As a result, she decided to check her own hormones and was surprised at how out of balance they really were. Once she corrected those levels, she saw a significant improvement in her physical and mental health. She slept better; enjoyed improved workouts; and was able to effectively handle stress. She began to see positive changes in her body that she thought might not ever be possible. As a result, she wanted to offer this opportunity for improved wellness to her patients, giving them the invitation to feel better and live their lives to the fullest.

“While I was with the group in Manhattan as part of a physician-owned practice and the only OBGYN clinic in town, I had a busy, growing practice and eventually became a partner, but as things in my life changed, both personally and professionally, I knew it was time for an overall change,” noted Dr. Sutton. “I always had that interest in hormones, and while I enjoyed my work as a general OBGYN and surgical specialist, my patient population changed and transitioned into the menopausal years. I soon noticed a trend within my patients that included complaints of fatigue, weight gain, depression, and poor sleep.”

“Many patients would say they are doing what their primary doctor advised them to do (eat well, exercise, get plenty of rest), but they were not seeing results,” explained Dr. Sutton. “We are taught it is not hormones, but as I personally began to experience changes through my own journey, I knew there was something else I could do for my patients.”

Dr. Sutton and her husband actually traveled to Las Vegas a few years ago to see a specialist for her husband, as his hormones were imbalanced. After a course of testosterone therapy, James noticed an appreciable change within himself. which made Dr. Sutton a firm believer in this approach. As she dove further into her research, her interest reached a deeper level. She made the decision to resign from her job in 2020 and spent the next year educating herself even more, attending classes and webinars on bioidentical hormones, which is not taught in medical school.  As she began to sort through all of the information, separate what is true, what works, and for whom hormone therapy is appropriate, she began the process of establishing her own practice. She began the actual building process last Spring and opened her doors in August, ready to offer her services as a specialist on bioidentical hormones for both men and women, with a far clearer understanding of the approach and how it can best benefit the individual.

“I learned how much misinformation is out there and how much new research is being done,” noted Dr. Sutton. “Hormonal health is not new. We just know a lot more and have better information than we did even five years ago.  It is very exciting. Hormones not only help you feel better but can actually help improve your health and potentially prevent disease risk related to aging.”

“As medical doctors, we are doing this all wrong,” reflected Dr. Sutton, who noted that after James received his therapy, she underwent her own while she was still in her thirties. As that same doctor who treated James also got her hormones corrected, she learned from him. As a result, she started treating patients in her practice in a similar manner.

“This just builds on itself. It’s more than just estrogen and testosterone. It is a process, and through that, we have to find the sweet spot that works for each individual,” emphasized Dr. Sutton, who several years ago participated in a body-building competition and learned how dramatic change in your body can disrupt the hormonal balance. “I want to help people achieve their goals in a healthy and safe way to optimize

Opening the doors to a new life for patients

After an initial consultation with Dr. Sutton, which includes getting blood work completed on-site (or with an outside lab), the patient will return about a week later to discuss the results and come up with an individualized plan of care. At AHTA, the entire patient is kept in mind and this team of experts desires to help each person attain their goals. Preventing disease is the foundation to good health. Dr. Sutton and her team will work alongside each patient’s primary care team to guide them to a fuller, healthier, and happier life, no matter the stage of life.

Working alongside Dr. Sutton is James, who oversees the practice as the Chief Financial Officer, and Gretchen Gragg, Practice Manager.

“James has been my biggest fan and has really made this all possible,” smiled Dr. Sutton. “When we started on this journey, he was all in.”

Gretchen is an integral part of interacting with patients, understanding the full importance of taking care of them, as she brings to the table an impressive background of experience within the medical service arena.

This team uses the latest advances in hormonal testing and management in addition to state-of-the-art Kansas City aesthetic treatments and products. When combined with the hormonal therapy, these provide a confident foundation for patients to look and feel their best.


Dr. Sutton is excited to announce the addition of Cory Hildebrand, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, to her practice. Cory has a background as a Family Nurse Practitioner but also has extensive training in aesthetics. She was trained at the National Laser Institute for Botox and Injectables in Dallas, Texas, and has received additional training in Botox and fillers through Allergan Aesthetics. Cory recently moved to the area from Houston, Texas, and is thrilled to bring her talents and passion to AHTA.

“It feels like home here,” she smiled. “I really love aesthetics and helping people feel and look their best.”

Products and services: not a med spa

In addition to hormone therapy for men and women, AHTA also offers an exciting menu of services, including anti-aging therapy, Venus Glow facials, photo rejuvenation therapy, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, hair removal, non-invasive lipolysis, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. AHTA also offers a complete line of skincare products and carefully-selected health and wellness supplements.

“We use our aesthetics side with our hormone side to optimize results for each patient,” expressed Dr. Sutton. “As you feel better hormonally, we can do these things under the direction of a doctor. One thing I learned while researching hormones is that there is a lot we can address with just hormones, but some changes don’t or won’t go away quickly. A lot of these products, services and machines we specifically picked to complement the hormone side, using them together to optimize results.”

Your invitation to look and feel better

Since opening the doors to AHTA, Dr. Sutton has been pushing forward on full throttle, excited about the possibilities for her patients and eager to share this journey with them. While the actual process of aging cannot be prevented, it does not have to be left unmanaged. By addressing declines in hormones, the adverse effects of aging can be prevented.

“These treatments can also help prevent cancer, treat depression and anxiety and open the door to a happier and healthier life,” smiled Dr. Sutton. “It’s so exciting educating people about what this can do for them. It’s been an amazing process. There is a need for this and I am excited to be that resource.”

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