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A Well-Rounded Approach to Whole Body Health and the Perfect Partner in the Patient/Physician Journey to Wellness

It is possible to restore balance within your body to achieve maximum health and wellness.

Health issues run rampant in this country, and the statistics are staggering. One in two people will succumb to heart disease; one in three will die of cancer; and one in four are pre-diabetic or diabetic. As a result, this gives you roughly a 17% chance of not getting heart disease or cancer if you live in the world today. Grim? Yes. But these stats are real. And now it’s time to face them. How you live, eat and think have a significant impact on your health. If you want to prevent disease, then it is necessary to change how you live, eat and think.

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“Disease is only a healthy response to an unhealthy environment.” *

When one’s body is internally out of balance, there will be outside indicators of this imbalance: weight gain, decreased energy, increased inflammation, hormonal imbalances, increased stress, depression and more. Given enough time and opportunity, these physical red flags can lead to serious health consequences.

MaxLife, founded and owned by Dr. Darin Upchurch, has the solution to these imbalances, and that answer lies within you. “At MaxLife, we care about a person’s overall health. We don’t look at one’s weight. Instead, we focus on the other numbers, such as fat percentage, visceral fat, metabolic age, hydration levels, and how you are functioning on a cellular level,” explained Dr. Darin. “We also look at your muscle mass, which is your internal furnace. If you have a bigger furnace, you are going to use more fuel. Yes, we want you to look better and feel better, but we are really here to get you healthy. Weight loss just happens to be a side effect of those efforts.” The bi-weekly report that is generated from their BioMetric Body Analysis Scan is given to doctors with whom we partner with so they can stay informed and updated on their patients.

“A good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” 

If you are a physician who is committed to walking the path to complete health and wellness with and for your patients, it is time to consider the benefits of a partnership with MaxLife.

According to Dr. Darin, the current health care system in the United States costs an explosive $3 trillion, and at least one-third of that consists of waste in the form of unnecessary medications dispensed, unnecessary procedures, and unnecessary office visits for all types of patients that conceivably could have been handled better.

“If we could save the health care system $1 trillion, just imagine what we could do with that,” marvels Dr. Darin.

The fact of the matter is simple: healthy people cost less money. Unfortunately, society has essentially created more of a sick care system as opposed to a health care system, operating from more of a reactive stance as opposed to a proactive one.

“It takes years of abuse to create illness,” noted Dr. Darin. “I call this the 3Ds: doughnuts, Doritos and Dr. Pepper.”

So, how do you turn the tide?

Everyone is looking for a leader in whom they can put their trust. However, that is often easier said than done. You can go online and research medical, health and wellness topics to your heart’s content, but sooner or later all of the information and misinformation is going to create such a mass of confusion that giving up seems like the only option. With MaxLife, failure is not an option.

“If you go to Vegas and put all of your money on one bet that has just a 17% chance of winning, would you do it? Probably not. However, people gamble with their health every day and don’t even think about it. If someone feels good, the tendency is to think you are well. But health is not about how you feel; it is about how you are functioning on the inside,” noted Dr. Darin.

This is where Dr. Darin and his team of experts go to work.

Through the use of the BioMetric Body Analysis Scan, all objective health information about you is gathered at various stages of the program Dr. Darin offers: at the beginning phase; the middle, and at the end of the program which is basically every 15 days. Coupled with the initial BioMax Scan, the technology exclusive to MaxLife, the specialists can assess where your body is out of balance and what changes should be made to restore that balance.

“This system is based on a 30-day program,” noted Dr. Darin, who further explained that, based on the information in the  reports, some patients may require a second round of the program. If this is necessary everything they did initially is repeated again in similar fashion: beginning, middle and end after the initial BioMax Scan.

“Once we send the reports to our partnering doctors, they can then determine what medications need to be adjusted and what procedures, if any, need to be performed,” emphasized Dr. Darin. “Our goal is to establish a network and a program with doctors and patients alike so a high level of trust – and value – is ultimately established.”

He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured. (Ancient proverb)

Individuals using the MaxLife program have seen incredible results. Some people who have been on medications for two decades are able to discontinue taking them after two weeks.

And while it is easy to blame your circumstances on your disease (“My diabetes makes me this way.”) or to give a nod to bad genetics (“My mom had high cholesterol, so therefore I do, too.”), Dr. Darin asserts up to 95% of diseases are preventable.

“People don’t have to own their disease,” he indicated. “Sure, there may be a genetic or congenital factor at play that may make you work harder, but you don’t have to have it.”

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease (Buddha)

Dr. Darin emphasized MaxLife and its employees are not a doctor’s office. It is a company. Can they treat diabetes? No. However, they can treat you.

“We create health for you,” said Dr. Darin. “We have a passion for helping people, and to work with physicians in helping their patients on their health care journey which is what makes us unique.  We help doctors help patients help themselves.”

Dr. Darin cautioned it is important to remember this is not a diet, a pill or a quick fix. Our technology specifically helps to identify the imbalances within one’s body through a variety of measurements specific to that person. This program allows you to get healthy internally, putting your body back in a state of balance.

“The program is unique to you and removes all of the guesswork.” noted Dr. Darin.

“Our exclusive BioMax Scan we use in conjunction with our program scans literally hundreds of biomarkers internally to determine what’s interfering with your body’s ability to achieve balance and weight loss. It also tells us what liquid based all natural supplements you need and the dosages for those supplements. It is also very important to mention that there are no amphetamines or stimulants of any kind in our program and every supplement is plant based, all natural, non GMO, and gluten free.

The BioMax Technology Scan also generates a personalized food list which tells us what proteins, vegetables, and fruits your body has a biological preference for or an affinity to, in ranking order. This is helpful when choosing healthy, nutritious foods to eat because you may like eggs but eggs may not like you. This doesn’t mean eggs are bad for you, but if they are on the bottom of the list they more than likely are creating inflammation internally which you want to avoid when you are trying to create balance internally while actively on the program.

The technology helps remove all of the guesswork that’s typically associated with all other programs or diets out there. It is statically impossible for one patient to have the same program as another patient, as each program is designed specifically for the individual.

Physicians + Patients + MaxLife = Success

A simple Google search of MaxLife reveals an astounding number of 5-Star reviews, not only supporting this amazing program but also pointing a strong finger towards a phenomenal opportunity for medical doctors nationwide to partner with MaxLife where they, too, can share in the success.

Take these patients, for example…

  • “I have been able to reduce the amount of medication I take almost by half.”
  • “I feel the best about myself, my body, and my health. I can honestly say I don’t think I have had this much energy since I was in college and I have regained control of my lifestyle.”
  • “My sleep has improved and my acid reflux is gone. I’m no longer taking my Ambien or nexium.”
  • “I lost 26 pounds and have learned ways to eat healthy yet still really enjoy my food.”
  • “I lost almost 50 lbs on the first time thru the program and I am almost halfway thru the second time down a total of 65 lbs!”
  • “I can now sleep through the entire night for the first time for at least a decade.”
  • “This program is life changing!!! I love their whole body approach.”
  • “I came in with hormonal issues; hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain. I’ve lost weight and back in my old clothes, haven’t had a hot flash since day 2, and best of all, feel like myself again.”
  • “During my first round I lost 55 lbs!! I am so glad I discovered MaxLife, this has been life altering and I am forever grateful.”

MaxLife is a unique avenue for physicians and patients to partner in such a way that the health of each patient is improved while harmful and wasteful practices are avoided.

“This program is not just about weight loss,” Dr. Darin noted. “Yes, that is a positive side effect, but this is truly about regaining your life  and health for a lifetime.”

Dr. Darin understands the health care landscape services are changing, and he is more than happy to provide the undeniable value that comes with improving the health of patients.

“When patients notice extremely fast positive changes to their health and weight, this gives them the motivation and hope to stick with it, and from there, the sky is the limit,” smiled Dr. Darin.

If you are ready to reset your body to function at its maximum potential, or if you are a physician interested in learning more about the partnership program, call 913.717.0966 or go online at The clinic is located at 11014 Quivira Road in Overland Park. 

* Dr. Brian Schaefer

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