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Dr. Megan Mayer of Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists

Returning to her hometown roots has certainly brought a smile to the face of Dr. Megan Mayer. A graduate of Lee’s Summit High School, Dr. Mayer attended Webster University in St. Louis and subsequently obtained her medical degree from the University of Kansas City School of Medicine in 2012. A former college basketball player, Dr. Mayer instinctively knew that orthopaedics was the right career path for her.

“I have a background in sports, and I naturally just enjoy working with the athletic population in general,” expressed Dr. Mayer, who tore her ACL while in college, so she is no stranger to the frustrations of being temporarily sidelined from the game.

“Dr. Dugan actually did my ACL surgery in 2004,” recalled Mayer, who sustained the injury during her first practice her freshman year. “I rehabbed that entire year and was able to return to playing by my sophomore year.”

In a sense, Dr. Mayer has come full circle in her career and is excited about the opportunity to help patients continue to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Taking an individualized approach to each patient, Dr. Mayer is not one, however, to immediately rush to surgery to resolve an issue.

“I think it is important to do what you can from a conservative approach first and to counsel the patient appropriately, helping that patient get back to what they feel is important to them,” she explained. “I also think it is important to include the patient in the decision process.”

Dr. Mayer was drawn to orthopaedics not only because of her athletic background, but also because she loves to work with her hands. Additionally, she has always been fascinated with the anatomy part of how a body works, and above all, she loves the instant gratification surgery typically affords her.

“With orthopaedics, especially surgery, it is a great feeling to take someone from broken to fixed, giving the patient the best chance at restored anatomy and function,” she smiled.

Returning to Lee’s Summit was an easy decision for Dr. Mayer, not only because her family resides here, but also because she appreciates the opportunity to work among such a trusted and respected group of clinicians.

“This is my hometown group,” she smiled. “I am familiar with the original physicians here and appreciate the good feeling I get with this team.”

Friendly and approachable, Dr. Mayer certainly has passion for her work and undeniable compassion for her patients.

“I can relate to my patients, as I have ‘been there, done that’ so to speak with respect to my past injuries as an athlete,” she noted. “I understand that in the moment, especially for athletes, a torn ACL is devastating, but I am proof you can get back to normal.”

Dr. Mayer does not hold back when it comes to how she feels about returning home and becoming a part of this phenomenal practice.

“This is truly a great group,” she noted. “Patients are received well, and everyone does what’s right for the patient. I am excited to be a part of this and think it will be a good fit for all of us.”

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