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One Team, One Stop at Providence Medical Center

Photos by Matt Kocourek   |   Courtesy photos provided by Providence Medical Center

As soon as you walk through the doors at Providence Medical Center (PMC) you feel at home. Someone greets you at the door with a smile and you immediately feel like you’re the center of the patient care team. Care is collaborative, coordinated and accessible.

Dr. Michael Watts, Medical Director of the Emergency Department asking his patient on her conditions and concerns.

Providence treats patients, not only clinically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as their vision is that they are a “One Team, One Stop” community hospital. Rest assured that PMC with their multi-specialty, board-certified physicians and state-of-the-art equipment can manage life threatening situations and provide a customized recovery plan while caring for you in your own neighborhood.

Located in western Kansas City, just minutes from the Legends Outlets and Interstate 435, Providence Medical Center is a community hospital affiliated with Prime Healthcare Services. In a true emergency, seconds matter and this highly skilled Emergency Room team stands ready 24-7 to assess and treat a wide range of critical conditions.

Providence’s Emergency Department is a Level IV Trauma Center as well as a Certified Primary Stroke Center. With an umbrella of strong supporting services, such as a nationally accredited Cardiac Center, innovative surgery services, strong critical care and advanced imaging services, seamless care is provided resulting in getting patients diagnosed, treated and home soon.

An Emergency Services Staff RN tends to a patient in the ER.

Providence has a dedicated Medical Staff comprised of a wide range of medical specialties who work as a team to provide high quality care. From interventional cardiologists, general, trauma and orthopedic surgeons to, neurologists, pulmonologists and radiologists, the hospital physician team works closely to expedite care at one location. Lead pulmonologists, Dr. Sabato Sisillo and Dr. Aman Khan are a crucial part of the Providence critical care team. Other key physicians include Dr. Stephen Lowry, the Trauma Medical Director and his partners Dr. Lee Ludwig, Dr. Scott Ellison and Dr. Thomas Wilder who are available to care for those patients who require general surgery, such as gallbladder surgery or an appendectomy. Cardiology services including catheterizations and stent placement are administered by Dr. Prashanth Katrapati, Dr. Donald McSweyn and Dr. Venkat Pasnoori who round out the Providence emergency team.

Utilize this quote with a cath lab photo and call out “At Providence, the local community has a place for both routine care and emergency care. We’re here if you need us for emergency issues and our full service cardiology department provides interventional procedures, surgery and general cardiac care.” Dr. Donald McSweyn

Kim Sudac, R.N., Director of Emergency Services, reviews patient data with Carinda Trowbridge, R.N., Emergency Department Stroke and Trauma Coordinator.

Dr. Michael Watts, Medical Director of the Emergency Department explained “I think of our team as doctors that patients can trust and expect to receive compassionate care. We listen to the patient and family members, then give good advice that is accurate and helps them through a difficult time in their lives.” Watts added we have all the latest equipment to help us diagnose and determine treatment. We have CT Imaging, MRI, Radiology support, bedside ultrasound… and all this is readily available right down the hall. This helps us to save time and save lives.”

“We are fortunate to have such an impressive range of physician specialists on our campus who are truly dedicated to the patients they serve in this community,” said Karen Orr, CEO. “These doctors have a passion and a strong level of commitment for giving the best care possible at Providence and our patients benefit from that passion and dedication.”

Critical Care Surgeons (left)… Lee Ludwig, M.D., Thomas Wilder, M.D., Stephen Lowry, M.D., and Scott Ellison, M.D. 

Lead Pulmonologists (right)… Sabato Sisillo, M.D and Aman Khan, M.D. 

PMC is a full-fledged community hospital, not a “micro hospital”. Which is important when you are choosing where to get emergency care. It is comforting to know your community hospital has the services and staff to handle any situation. It’s convenient for family and friends to visit because it’s close to home.

The staff at PMC focus on exceptional patient care and efficiency and are raising the bar in emergency medical care by providing an exceptional emergency room experience to all. They are being recognized and are the recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical ExcellenceTM by Healthgrades® and recognized by CMS as a 5 Star Hospital in Wyandotte County. They are one of three in the Kansas City Metro area to receive this award and in the top 10% in the nation for critical care services.

You can hear the passion in the voice of Carinda Trowbridge, R.N., MSN, the Emergency Department Stroke and Trauma Coordinator. It’s easy to get a good understanding why they are winning healthcare awards. “To get this kind of care you typically would have to go to a much larger facility and farther away. Coming here you get to stay in your community. Think of us as your Hometown Hospital.” Carinda said, “We focus on improving care across the board to achieve our certifications. It heightens awareness within the hospital staff and this translates to the best care possible for our patients.” Exceeding the standard of care is something we concentrate on doing on a regular basis.

Cardiology Group… Prashanth Katrapati, M.D., Venkat Pasnoori, M.D. and Donald McSweyn, M.D.

Superior patient care really starts in the field with our four EMS agencies. The local EMS teams are invited to hospital trainings and they share knowledge among one another. We have such a strong relationship with EMS staff that they have come to our Annual Stroke Symposium as trainers. This allows the hospital staff to get continuing education credits in association with Children’s Mercy Hospital and KU Medical Center. Mark Heath, EMS Transport Chief of the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department acknowledges the importance of the partnership, “Providence Medical Center is a   critical key in our EMS care and transport system for Wyandotte county. We transport over 5000 patients to PMC each year. Their location in western Wyandotte County plays a huge role in the transport of stroke and heart attack patients. We are proud to partner with them to improve the lives of our citizens and care for visitors to our community”.

Healthgrades® Awards and Recognitions

  • Healthgrades 2018 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™
  • Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award 2017
  • Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Gastrointestinal Care 2018
  • Healthgrades America’s 100 Best General Surgery 2018
  • Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Orthopedic Surgery 2018
  • Healthgrades Pacemaker Procedures Five-Star recipient 2018
  • Healthgrades Treatment of Heart Failure Five-Star recipient 2018
  • Healthgrades Treatment of Pneumonia Five-Star recipient 2018
  • Healthgrades Pulmonary Care Excellence Award 2018
  • Healthgrades Critical Care Excellence Award 2018

The hometown feel of the hospital is revealed in the stories of the staff. “I’ve been working at this hospital for over 18 years.” said Director of Emergency Services, Kim Sudac, R.N., MSN, MBA. “This has been my hospital since I was 8 years old. When you feel like you own something, you take care of it.” Sudac’s passion for caring for her patients is evident. “We had a patient come in that had been mowing the yard and was having a heart attack. They brought him in and it was a scary situation for his family. I try to bring a calm to the storm in such situations. As soon as he arrived it was determined that he should immediately be taken to the cardiac catheterization lab where stent placement occurred to open up the vessels in his heart. During the procedure, I went to the waiting room and gave updates to his wife and family. I got her dinner and stayed until 8 o’clock explaining the labs, procedures and status of her husband. Weeks later, he came back for a follow up appointment. This was when I heard him speak for the first time. He looked great and had his color back.” As Sudac continued to tell her story she got a little choked up as she recalled his words. “Thank you for saving my life.”

General surgeon Lee Ludwig, M.D., can provide numerous emergency surgeries like gallbladder and appendectomy. 

It’s a team approach as the doctors and nurses care for the patients to make sure they fully understand what is happening and answer any questions that they may have. “We’re not just treating the patient, we’re also taking care of the family.” Sudac emphasized.

In a true emergency, minutes matter. At Providence Medical Center it’s really a “One Team, One Stop” approach. It is comforting knowing Providence is here for the community; you don’t have to leave your neighborhood to go to a hospital you know and trust. With an impressive team of experienced physician specialists, advanced equipment, and a staff who is committed to taking great care of patients and their families, there is no reason to go anywhere else for emergency care in Wyandotte County than Providence Medical Center.

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