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left to right… Dakota McKinsey – NMLS #1978694, Shelli Mason – NMLS #571004, Dominique Bloom – NMLS #636866, Lori Funk – NMLS #720438, Kenton McNeill – NMLS #1220820 and Jessica Freeman – NMLS #1166955

For a true concierge service in Private Banking, Physician Loan Services, and Wealth Management, Arvest offers a thoughtful and integrated approach to all of your banking needs.

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Managing your wealth has never been easier with Arvest Bank’s thoughtful and integrated Physician Loan services and Private Banking approach. A veritable one-stop shop in terms of products and services for clients, Arvest Bank services all areas of banking relationships providing a seamless process that covers all of your banking needs. With Arvest Wealth Management and Private Banking, this team of experts can help service and set up introductions, working with clients in their specific areas of need. In short, they help bridge the gap between these two entities, helping them successfully integrate and work together.

By providing unlimited access to a team of experienced professionals, clients receive integrated advice in all areas of financial management, which ultimately helps to protect, nurture, and maximize their overall wealth. Among the Private Banking services are a single point-of-contact concierge banker; exclusive products and rates; 103% physician mortgage financing*; residential construction loans; and customized wealth planning. Private banking is open to physicians and clients meeting a certain balance threshold with Arvest with an emphasis on the personal relationship clients receive through a dedicated banker who can help service all areas of their unique financial picture.

Lori Funk – NMLS #720438

“Private banking is a unique concierge approach to banking,” expressed Lori Funk, Private Banking Manager. “Our dedicated team works directly with our clients to form a strategy focused on specific goals. Through sophisticated planning and implementation, financial strategies are designed around the client’s hopes and dreams, while also helping alleviate fears and concerns. We have experience crafting the simplest plan to the highly complex, touching all areas of wealth management.”

For those developing or advancing a medical practice, business banking services include commercial deposit and time accounts; treasury management consultations and services; commercial lending; and equipment financing. While offering this vast array of products and services, Arvest Bank also stands as an expert in relationship building. Each client has a dedicated banker who is fully committed to providing the highest standard of care with the utmost of professionalism and convenience at the helm.

At Arvest Bank, a physician is defined as a medical doctor and includes those who are a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Doctor of Optometry (OD), Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), and Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD). This does not extend to academic doctors (PhD). Additionally, borrowers must be natural individuals and the title must be in the name of the individual borrower(s) or secondary market eligible trust. The full written trust document(s) must be reviewed and approved by the Arvest-appointed legal counsel and any trust provisions must meet secondary market requirements. Permanent and non-permanent resident aliens are allowed.

The Private Banking Experience: providing convenience through a concierge level of service

CASE STUDY: The Physician Mortgage 

A physician relocated to the Kansas City area and purchased a home that required certain renovations and partnered with Arvest Bank to obtain a Physician Mortgage. The Mortgage Lender introduced this new client to a Private Banking Advisor who assisted with the renovation loan and helped the customer establish checking and savings accounts. This allowed the new customer to enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience when preparing for the big move. Not only did the home receive its renovations, but the customer also benefitted by creating great relationships with their new bank.

“Historically, Arvest Bank has remained highly competitive within the Kansas City area when it comes to physician loans,” emphasized Jessica Freeman, Private Banking Advisor.

left to right… Dakota McKinsey – NMLS #1978694, Shelli Mason – NMLS #571004, Jessica Freeman – NMLS #1166955, Lori Funk – NMLS #720438, Dominique Bloom – NMLS #636866 and Kenton McNeill – NMLS #1220820

From the Introduction and Beyond: Forming a Financial Solutions Team through Private Banking Services

CASE STUDY: Always delivering more than expected

Business owners may hesitate when it comes to switching to a new bank. After all, it can be a hassle. However, when an established business owner partnered with one of the Private Banking Advisors at Arvest Bank, the transition process was smooth and seamless. Arvest Bank went into immediate action and efficiently arranged for introductions with experienced professionals who had the expertise the business owner needed, including mortgage, commercial real estate financing, and treasury management. After meeting with these trusted professionals, the client had increased understanding and knowledge of the equity position of her commercial building, her refinancing options, and even a sound business plan by which to move forward.

Additionally, Arvest Bank refinanced the client’s primary residence mortgage, established a new home equity line of credit, and opened new deposit accounts. Essentially, the client was able to assemble a strong advisory team through one single advisor at Arvest Bank that gave her the confidence to move forward as she began a new business banking relationship with an experienced team that continues to meet all of her professional and personal banking needs.

“The client valued having a single point of contact with the Private Banking Advisor, working with someone dedicated who already knows them, understands their specific situation, and will help them achieve their financial goals in the future,” expressed Dominque Bloom, Private Banking Advisor.

Practice Loans: loans to help physicians buy-in or purchase a practice

CASE STUDY: Growth is the result of forces working in tandem

A physician had opened a new practice with the assistance of an Arvest Private Bank Advisor. Arvest financed the building’s construction as well. The clients enjoyed working with Arvest Private Banking and shared about their experience with the other partnering physicians. As a result, the partners did not hesitate when it came to instilling their trust into Arvest Bank to finance their share purchases. The practice continues to expand and its existing team refers new partners to Arvest Bank for buy-in loan request and personal banking needs. Arvest Private Banking can easily play an integral role in helping businesses grow while also providing personalized care for each client’s finances.

“The personal banking trust offered to clients by Arvest Bank helps clients comfortably and confidently walk through the process,” noted Shelli Mason, Private Banking Advisor.

left to right… Kenton McNeill – NMLS #1220820, Shelli Mason – NMLS #571004, Jessica Freeman – NMLS #1166955 and Dominique Bloom – NMLS #636866

Building Client Relationships: The partnership between Private Banking and Arvest Wealth Management

CASE STUDY: Seeing the bigger picture

A physician was considering the construction of a new dream home. However, after speaking with their Private Banker and Arvest Wealth Management advisor about those plans, Arvest created a comprehensive analysis of the client’s situation using the Arvest Blueprint tool. This provided the client with two scenarios: building that new home or staying at their current residence. Through the customization of a plan that took into consideration the client’s preferred retirement age and budget, the decision as to which option to pursue came easily. By working with the teams at Arvest, a clear picture of how the client’s long-term goals factored into the equation was presented, indicating the best track was for the client to remain in their current home in order to achieve their dream retirement.

It is the character of Arvest Bank to help clients make an educated and intelligent decision. They want to be a team not only throughout the client’s career but also into retirement by helping to readjust retirement plans as needed, proactively setting clients up for the future.

“What it all comes back to is the relationships we build with our clients,” emphasized Kenton McNeill, Senior Private Banker. “We make each transaction and banking process seamless.”


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